Alan F and Theodore J are chatting (youtube link)

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  • avishai

    Sorry, I misunderstood your point.

  • Farkel

    AlanF has been a friend of mine for over 10 years. I've spent hundreds of hours time on the phone with him and worked on a number of JW-related projects with him. He and his daughter Julie have been to my home. I've never met big Julie his wife, but have spoken with her many times.

    A few years ago Alan was able to get a badge to go to elders school and he has been a notorious apostate for decades! He was able to record the whole school and posted that recording on the internet. I don't know if it is still up or not. I'm pretty sure the recording posted here was when he was attending that elders school. In fact, I'm nearly positive it was.

    As was pointed out, Alan is one of the most easy-going and unpretentious people you could ever meet, despite his MIT education and Master's Degree in Engineering.


  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    How did Alan manage to get that interview with Jackass?

  • Farkel

    mickey mouse,

    :How did Alan manage to get that interview with Jackass?

    See my comment above yours.


  • mcsemike

    I've met Jaracz personally at more than one convention in the NYC area. He reeks of deviousness, you can feel it in his presence. I've seen him talking to people next to me and he tries to be slick in his answers.

    I wonder if I drove up there and killed him if he would write it off to "imperfection" or "Satan lures us in". I wonder what the JW's would bet my future would be if I stood before the 144k in judgment. I don't think they'd be too kind toward me.

    Flipper, how much more hypocrisy do you think the world has to see before they eliminate the WT? You've made many good observations about this cult. Do you give them less than 50 years? I certainly hope so.

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