Alan F and Theodore J are chatting (youtube link)

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  • wouldacouldashoulda

    I have a link of Alan F and Theodore Jaracz on youtube. It is an old clip but was just emailed me to me today.


  • poppers

    Are you going to post the link?

  • wouldacouldashoulda
  • purplesofa

    thanks for posting

    I had not heard these videos by AlanF


    Hey, for the newbies, search for AlanF here at JWN read some of his Best of stuff,

    or just google his name, he has some great stuff

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    Not to take sides in any way but one thing that has to be noted about that man that was mentioned who supposedly raped 35 boys,

    he could have done this before he became a JW and may have continued on in this behavior while a JW.

    As for the situation of that elder who got caught abusing a young girl and who then later on called up another elder that he knew

    from where she was now living and he also abused her, does sound it bit far fetched and bias for the purpose of making the JWS

    appear evil as it were.

    You have to take all and ever bit of information with a critical mind, even the bad stuff.

    Lets face it just about ever religion has pedophiles within their own religious group, its a great place to hide and keep a white sheet over themselves.

    This includes the JWS , the most unfortunate fact about the JWS as well as the other religions is they have tried to keep the matter within their organizations,

    dealing with it internally and not reporting the matter to the police. I suppose no prominent religious group really wants to come forward with information that one of their members

    is a sexual pervert, elder or priest, keeping a clean outward appearance is very critical to these groups and the JWS are not immured to this fact either.

  • Scully

    AlanF... a true fisher of men... give 'em a little slack .... then reel 'em in..... give 'em some slack.... then reel 'em in!

  • flipper

    WOULDACOULDASHOULDA- Thanks for posting. First time Iv' e listened to this all the way through. Jaracz's statement, " Imperfection takes over . And Satan lures us. " Also I like how he conveniently lumps child molesters in the same category as homosexuals and lesbians ! Please Teddy.

    It's ridiculous - What does being gay or lesbian have to do with child abusers ? Answer : Nothing. Two TOTALLY different things. And it's obvious Jaracz doesn't see the difference between felony criminal child abuse - and a child abuser just being " imperfect ". GRRRRR ! And if the alleged things about him are true - his answers were even more hypocritical even still ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper


    For all the times I`ve interacted with Alan here..

    This was the first time I`ve ever heard his voice..

    He`s very easy going..

    He`s such a Brainiac..

    I figured he may have been more of a Hyper person..


  • avishai

    Homer, I find your moral equivocation disturbing.

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    Disturbing in what way ?

    I get what Alan F was trying to do , I'm on his side by the way.

    Old TJ himself answered in exactly the same way ever other brainwashed upper tier JW would have answered.

    Its just a little sin caused by Satan thats all.

    What disturbs me the most in his answer is that he downed played this behavior as if was just an ordinary typical type sin

    like fornication adultery. Sounds like Flipper caught that too.

    I guess those million dollar law suits the WTS had to pay out recently gave the organization new light though.

    Shame isn't it that its money that forced the big boys to make some changes , little if any.

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