How much time before U.S. persecution starts?

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  • JeffT

    The average American doesn't give a fart in the wind about Jehovah's Witnesses. We're more likely to go after the Larouchies for painting Hitler moustaches on pictures of Obama.

  • WTWizard

    I think it's more likely to be tax issues or that it is cheaper to do business in Canada (or, perhaps they think Canadians are less likely to be online and therefore easier to sucker into the cancer, yet rich enough to be able to support the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund).

    If persecution does start in the US, it will likely be unofficial. With all the trash reports about kidnappings, baby killings, and baby eatings (plus the pedophile defending) that have surfaced lately (along with the fact that the witlesses are not doing anything to prevent it), soon it is going to be embarrassing to be at the door and have the householder even think you might be a witless.

  • Farkel

    : Does this mean JWs in the U.S. will be facing problems from the government soon? If so, is anyone knowledgeable enough to give an educated guess as to how soon this might happen?

    The WTS did one of its greatest expansions ever during the years from 1969-1975 and bought lots of real estate and developed lots of Watchtower properties while the drones were selling everything they owned, quitting jobs and preaching "Stay Alive 'Til '75."

    To say that the Watchtower Printing Corporation is run by a bunch of old, selfish cynics is a huge understatement.


  • Hoping4Change

    Something seems amiss with the idea that 'freedom of religion' incorporates the idea of allowing religions the freedom to pratice methods that inherently deny freedom to the people of the religion. This feels like an abuse of the freedom granted in the first place. Is it proper that freedom to act should include freedom to act in such a way as to deny freedom?

  • Satanus


    People join jws voluntarily. People have the freedom to join or not join. For the most part, people inside the cult want to stay there. Basically, people get what they want.


  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    All you have to do is ask, "Why do you go to so many meetings?" and they feel persecution has begun! W.Once

  • AllTimeJeff

    This was always a topic of conversation. We always tried to tell ourselves that we are going to be no different then any other country.

    I recall one CO toward the end of my tenure who openly suggested that we may not get "persecution or bans" in the US due to the effectiveness of materialism. LOL!

    As I look back, I can say that there likely won't be anything that JW's can consider group persecution in the USA in the near future. Those that said that no one care about JW's as a whole are correct. To most people, JW's are those crazies that occasionally knock on your door and offer you the WT. And if you take it, sometimes, they will come back.

    Thats it. Thats why they call it a "persecution complex".


    Jehovah`s Witness`s wake up Persecuted every morning..

    Then they go out and look for Persecution..

    After a full day of Persecution..

    Jehovah`s Witness`s go to bed worried..

    That they may not have been Persecuted enough that day..

    Theres always tomorrow!


  • cheerios

    People join jws voluntarily. People have the freedom to join or not join.

    those that grow up in it don't get that choice until later. then freedom to leave is never an option, not without heavy penalties. but ofc once you get out, it's way worth the cost.

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    Since the JWS expect persecution and it reconfirms their position as being real true Christians, there is always future expectations

    of this to occur, its essentially part of their programing and mental indoctrination.

    No the JWS wont be stepped down on by any governmental force at least not in the US, for reasons that I've stated before.

    Other countries well that's a totally different matter.

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