How much time before U.S. persecution starts?

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  • sd-7

    I was reading Barbara Anderson's recent entry on Free Minds, and it made me think--the Society's recent maneuvers in real estate, moving things to Canada, etc. Does this mean JWs in the U.S. will be facing problems from the government soon? If so, is anyone knowledgeable enough to give an educated guess as to how soon this might happen?

    I'm asking because I have to do battle with this religion in order to find a way to save the people I love most. As those of you who know me are aware, I woke up this year, and I was going to leave, eventually. But the woman I love most came back to me and I was blindsided by it. I thought maybe I'd be gone before I'd have to explain it to her. Weird thing is, she's probably already halfway there, since she certainly breaks plenty of the rules (and I have no problem encouraging her to do so, evil-and-still-covert-apostate-spawn-of-the-devil that I am)--it's all a matter of breaking the grip of the mind control.

    Even if a ban is just an outside possibility, I'd like to hear some discussion of this matter. Fire away.


  • avishai

    A ban is not even an outside possibility if you ask me. And a bad idea. Religions grow under oppression.

  • dissed

    I heard if they didn't donate money to, support the DNC and Obama they would be in trouble. jk

    They are in trouble if they get taxed would be my thinking, but so would all religions. And to do that, it would take years through the courts to get it settled. So just my spec...

    Liked your apostate line.

  • Spook

    Persecution is a narcissistic delusion. It will not happen in your lifetime any more than any other religion. We go out of our way to protect religions. Perfect examle is Islam after 911. Just leave the religion calmly and immediately and don't look back.

  • parakeet

    sd-7: ... moving things to Canada, etc. Does this mean JWs in the U.S. will be facing problems from the government soon?

    If the WTS is indeed moving to Canada to escape "persecution," they are fleeing from the potential lawsuits from the thousands of people they have harmed, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, or outright murdered through its blood "policy."

    The WTS has been distancing itself from the local KHs and individual dubs for some time now. The only persecution they fear is legal and the only loss they fear is their money and power.

  • Trevor Scott
    Trevor Scott

    I heard it was "imminent"

  • Satanus

    The wt is american made religion. It's level of extremism is equal to a lot of the evangelical churches. W bush's extremist christianity is similar to the wt"s. So, no reason, on that account for them to be persecuted. As well, the american govt's sympathy for the corps would include the wt, as it is also a corporate style religion. As well, the wt's taking any kind of antigovt stands are long gone, since the death of rutherford. Even rutherford wimped out, in the end, when he had jail staring him in the face. Bottom line, the govt is sympathetic to wt style religion and business. No persecution in sight. The wt has other reasons for moving to canada.


  • trueblue

    I don't know, does Canada allow child abuse?

    There are a lot of children that have been abused by JW's that are grown up. May-be the society knows it is a matter of time before it catches up with them, and bites them in the ass.

  • AdaMakawee

    Well let me know when it starts, I'll volunteer to help clap some of those elders in stocks, perhaps a few rounds on the stretcher, lmao. Make them go around town with a big A for azzhole on their forehead. Well ok, the nice ones can skate and the ones in hiding, but I don't know any of them.


  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    Don't count on it, the US is the best place probably in the world to establish a religious based organization, their Constitution that protects

    freedom of religion is like the bible to them in its application. Freedom and liberty for all as they say.

    Keep in mind the WTS established itself just on those particular freedoms.

    As for as them coming up here to evade law suits pertaining to child abuse, I kind of doubt that too because Canada has

    just as strong of laws against child abuse as well.

    Now it may come to past if they do reestablish Headquarters up here and take on a totally new name,

    this may make it legally difficult for anyone to pursue legal charges against the organization.

    Who us nope, were not the Watchtower Society, thats someone else.

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