Were you sad when your car died?

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  • Out at Last!
    Out at Last!

    Hey Jag: I always heard "If it's got tits or tires, it'll give ya trouble/ problems."

  • is there help out there
    is there help out there

    I had a brand new 1965 Pontiac GTO. I am sad now that I miss it and which I had it back. It was so easy to fix. Now I look under the hood of a car and want to get sick.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thanks Out and ITHOT:

    I miss those simple, great old cars. Had a Valiant with a slant six. It would've lasted forever, but I got rid of it for a really dumb reason.

    Kick, kick myself !!!


  • snowbird

    Coco, my first car was a 1975 Chevy Nova, powder blue hatchback. I named her Blossom.

    Blossom didn't die; I traded her in on a 1985 Nova! When I left the dealer in my shiny new burgundy car, I was crying like a fool!

    I still miss my baby.


  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    I was sad when my Mazda finally died. But that's only because it was paid for already, and I had to replace it with one that wasn't.

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