Anyone from;Michigan,Wisconsin,Minnesota,North Dakota,Montana,Idaho,Washington?

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  • AdaMakawee

    I stayed one winter in Cut Bank Montana, now Cut Bank vies with International Falls for the coldest spot. As I would listen to the weather (at least back then) CB would have it some days and some days IF. Anyway, I hated it and moved as soon as it thawed in the spring. I love the weather in Seattle and Portland. Not usually too hot or too cold, only on an exception rather than the norm.


  • Caedes

    I have only been to Wisconsin (since my wife is from there) and that was plenty cold enough for me (-28F last time) . Give me sunny Devon UK anytime - two days of snow on the ground is big news!

  • poppers

    I lived in Wisconsin for a few years. In fact, that's where I left the dubs. Sorry I missed you guys while I was up there.

    Where did you live, bluecanary? I'm an hour north of Eau Claire. One day about 30 years ago my town registered - 60 0 F , and that was with no wind chill factor. Most winters never get below -30 0 during severe cold snaps.

  • poppers

    gets plenty cold here on the south shore of the upper lake...
    i suspect nodak is the coldest, altho international falls, mn
    gets a lot of "coldest place in the US"weather reporting....
    (the template for the bullwinkle town of frostbite falls)

    Ya gotta love Rocky and Bullwinkle.

    Here's a little something for our friends in Michigan:

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    From Wisconsin here. The coldest it gets where I am is about -10, though wind chills can get to 30 or 40 below. It can stay like that for a few days straight. But for most of winter, the temp stays above zero. The snow on the other hand....

  • poppers

    chickpea - you have a PM.

  • read good books
    read good books

    MINNESOTA, not International Falls, but plenty cold, although the winters the last couple decades have been alot milder than those of my childhood. Back then thirty below, noooo problem.

  • dissed

    I'm from Arizona.......a cold winter day means we might have to wear a sweat shirt. And yes, I do not feel sorry for any of you.

  • carla

    Another cheesehead here too! Some years we get a terrific snow storm only to be followed by severe cold temps so we cannot go out and play in the snow! The more sparkly the snow is the colder the temps. The south is becoming more and more appealing as the years go by. I think ND has us beat for cold temps and the UP of MI has us beat in total snow amounts, though they don't get the bitter cold. We are still a tax hell though. Thank you Doyle, our illustious govenor.

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