Hitler Forgiven ?

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  • snowbird
    But also, it would be a nice thing if he had to sit down and personally apologize to all 40,000,000 people he was responsible for getting killed.

    I really and truly believe that something along those lines will be happening when all things are made new.


  • PSacramento


    My point was that it is NOt up to us to decide or judge, it is God and Jesus's call, but we must also relaize what that judgment entails, for ALL of us.

    All those that follow 'wrong orders" will be judge accordingly and as such they will not have the excuse of "following order" to fall back on, its ALL about personal responsibility.

    JW's would do will to remember that...following their "Faithful and discreet slave" without question is something they will have to answer for, al lthe deaths, the lives destoryed, familes torn apart and more, each individual JW will answer for their own actions and saying "The FDS told me to do it" won't work.

    On a side note, Paul did say that WE would be the ones to "judge man and even the angels", so maybe it will fall on US.


  • wantstoleave

    I was always under the impression he wouldn't be resurrected because he directly attacked God's people. At least, that's what I was brought up to believe.

  • Inkie

    Wantstoleave: We were all brought up to believe something that was not true. King Mannaseh is a prime of example of someone committing horrendous acts against God's people, yet God is so wonderful as to forgive him who was truly repentent. (How fortunate are we then to have Jah's mercy!)

    PSacramento: Your points are well taken and I do agree with you. However, while Paul said a lot of things, the important point is what did Christ say. And . . . we are to judge (if we are to judge) as Christ and Jah would judge, which is WAY DIFFERENT than how Man judges.


  • PSacramento

    Inkie, I totaly agree.

    The reasion why Jesus is our judge is that he is the only one qualified to judge, certainly we all do judge in our everyday lives, we can't help it, but to judge a person's faith or salvation, NO ONE other than Jesus is qualified

    To bad JW's don't understand that.

  • wantstoleave

    I totally agree with the judging thing. Best leave that to Jehovah and Jesus, because imperfect humans are just not qualified to do it.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Rabbi Shmuley: "You believe that if you had an hour with Hitler you could somehow touch something inside of him?"

    Michael Jackson: "Absolutely. I know I could."


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