The WTS & The Sound of Music

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    :Ah yes, the liberal, progressive, and as is always the case in the end, more pragmatic Maria vs. the conservative Von Trapp.
    Only you could turn sunshine into shit.

    Tropical Island


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Hey Farkel,

    I envisioned from the start that I would have a concert grand on a pad in the middleground: majestic mountain background, Maria foreground.

    I melted when Herr Von Trapp and Maria danced and looked into each other's eyes and knew ... [poor, poor baroness].

    How do you solve a problem like Maria? A will-o-the wisp, a clown....


  • bluecanary

    Great catch Farkel. And thanks for the bit of trivia, rocketman.

    Another musical I love is Fiddler on the Roof. I was thinking recently that this depiction of Jewish life was similar to the JWs as well. Tevya, caught up in the rules of tradition had difficulty adapting to the ways of the world, while his daughters did not. My ex loved the part where Tevya clapped his hands together and ordered his wife to dance with him--not too far off from the way JW wives are expected to obey the orders of their husbands.

  • AGuest

    (and peace to you!)... one of the "fruits" of God's spirit... is JOY!!

    I could NEVER understand how the WTBTS said they had "Jehovah's spirit" and yet be such a schlep-rock* of a group of people! Omigawd, EVERYTHING is a "woe is me" deal! Got a new job? Woe is me... I gotta work for Satan's system." Got a new house? Woe is me... I'm trying to be "part of the world." Got a new car? Woe is me... "showy display of my means of life." Got a new child? Woe is me... I shouldn't be havin' kids until the "new system." Things going good at home? Woe is me... I'm not being persecuted by the Devil enough. Things going bad at home? Woe is me... I've disappointed God somehow. Making all the meetings? Woe is me... not spending enough time with the husband and kids... or not cleaning house enough. Not making all the meetings? Woe is me... I'm not "spiritual."

    Good LORDY!! I mean, are they ever truly happy about ANYTHING? And, no, please don't someone say they're happy about meetings because we all know the TRUTH is that they loathe those meetings (who didn't/doesn't)? They can pretend all they want that they're "going up to Jehovah's house" when going to assemblies, but the complaints about the cost, discomfort, nconvenience... and long, boring "talks" tend to completely cancel out any "good" that might come of it.

    Sigh! Those poor, poor people are tired. VERY tired. And have NO joy. You can see it in their faces. Each year, when I atend the Memorial, they look tireder (is that a word) and tireder. Some look very aged. Some even look close to death. I feel SO bad for them! And what little "bit" of joy they do have is very often short-lived because it's almost, almost always slammed down their throats by some self-righteous elder-wife-pioneer-old-sour-puss-sister who face almost always said, "And what the heck are YOU smiling at? If you don't wipe that smile off your face I'll wipe it off for you!"

    Praise JAH... PRAISE JAH... I know what joy is!! I KNOW it! And I will NEVER allow myself to be enslaved by, bound to, or chained up with such a joyLESS group of people ever again. It's is suffocating. It is death-dealing. They SUCK the joy... and thus, the LIFE... right out of you!

    (Shelby takes deep breath and wipes brow) Okay, okay, I've got it all out. Thank you, Daddy-O... thank you, truly. For the fond thoughts. The Sound of Music always makes me smile... because of Maria's JOY.

    SA, a slave of Christ who just had to let that out...

    *Schlep-Rock was the friend of Pebbles and Bam-Bam (Fred and Barney's kids in the Flintstones) who walked around with a dark cloud over his head and mumbled "Woe is me, it's gonna rain" all the dang time. Got on my LAST nerve.

  • snowbird

    AGuest, !!!

    You rock, girl!!!


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