Did a cat commit sin so that all the pussies die? Dog sin? Hippo sin? Elephant sin?

by jambon1 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • jambon1

    If Romans 5:12 is correct then what started the ball rolling in the animal kingdom?

    Why do they die? Did a pussy eat a peice of forbiden cat meal?

    What about all the little mice? A peice of cheese was consumed signifying mousy disobedience so now all the little mouses die?

    I want answers!

  • JWoods

    Even more important - are there aliens living on other planets? Did their green slave girl females just see right through that lyin snake?

    The whole Eden to Jesus story pretty much would logically preclude there being life on other planets if even one planet was led into sin.

    If you think about it, that is...

  • undercover

    Aw...c'mon James... Calling Captain Kirk a lyin snake isn't nice...

    undercover - of the Trekkie class

  • JWoods

    Undercover - this was the very reason for the prime directive!

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I recall the standard answer to similar querry while a Jw:

    "Well, Jehober never made the animals to have everlasting life. That way, humans would never forget that they are mortal, and could die like the animals if they sinned against Jehober."

    What cockamamie bullshit! So, we could always walk around knowing that our 'loving heavenly creator' was just a lightning bolt away if we dared ever do something as silly as listen to a talking snake who encouraged us to eat an apple while walking in the garden during the breezy part of the day.


  • undercover
    this was the very reason for the prime directive!

    heh heh heh good one

    That does give a whole new perspective to the 5 year mission.

    Jame Tiberious Kirk was da man!

    OK...Jambon back to your pussy thread...wait...we never left that subject did we?

  • Finally-Free

    My bird, Rocco, sinned when he destroyed 2 couches, 2 lamps, 2 pillows, several shirts, a door frame, baseboard, and peeled paint off the wall. Total damage exceeded $4000. He didn't repent, but I've forgiven him anyway.

    I did not require any kind of sacrifice.


  • Satanus

    'I did not require any kind of sacrifice.'

    Not even any chickens??


  • JWoods

    One more question of logic (or maybe non-logic)...

    * animals have always died.

    * animals, however, did not use tooth and claw to ever kill one another before the flood.

    Why the hell not? They were certainly built for the job, made of tasty meat & such, and were going to die anyway?

    If Cain never saw a lion or such kill a deer, how did he know what to do with that wimp brother of his?

    OK, just one more -

    Did animals also live the animal year equivalents of 900+ years like post - Eden humans? WT wisdom says the water canopy protected humans from the dangerous sun --- why wouldn't it also protect animals?

    Can someone make any sense at all out of this whole thing?

  • nelly136

    if the animals werent meat eaters before the sin thing, then their teeth and mans teeth suitable for meat eating evolved? .....thought evolution was a non event. of course if they evolved they obviously didnt need god for that.

    if animals eating each other was not an original design then why did dinosaurs need to eat each other before the 'sin' thang, and who made them cos they dont get much credit for existance in the bible?

    yup it seems a bit unfair that animals should be punished as a whole because a spirit either immitated or entered one of them, but hey ho jobs family got killed just for a bet(but its ok he got given a new family....sick!)

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