Do you have many friends since leaving the bOrg?

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  • WuzLovesDubs

    The friends I have since leaving the Borg are few...but they are REAL and their friendship isnt dependent upon me keeping up with and conforming to some RULES in order for them to be my friends. I lost some very close real friends to the Borg and I miss them.

    I dont mind being alone. I hated having to make nice with people at the hall when in reality I never in a hundred years would have picked ANY of them as friends. So to be friendly and upbuilding and all that crap five meetings a week was a horrible strain and a total lie that eventually became impossible to uphold.

    My husband read that behavior as me being antisocial and not loving. He only ever went to be Mr Brother Social Butterfly and everybodys Johnny on the Spot Handiman Helpful Dude. But did he help me? Um no. No glory in that.

    Still to this day there is so much disingenuousness from them it makes me sick. DONT piss on me and tell me its raining.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    DONT piss on me and tell me its raining.


    I just concluded a little exchange with a Jw. It is so amazing how mean she became after finding that the only way to detract from facts was to attack the messenger. Oddly enough, I saw this happen often when I was inside too. I would compare scripture with practice, only to be challenged as 'independent thinking', and so forth.

    I don't miss all the games that went on. The social game was no different - play nice with all the little busybodies, nosey spy-types, and self righteous elders.

    I would rather die with just one good friend, than to have a hundred false ones.



    Do you miss the 'instant friend network' at your local Kingdom Hall?

    Not one bit..I don`t pretend to like someone I don`t..

    At the Kingdom Hall it`s expected..

    I don`t need an instant friend..That will turn on me,when the WBT$ demands it..

    Are you a loner?

    Absolutely..I don`t need a lot of people I don`t like..Around me..

    Are you ok with that?

    It`s a lot less trouble..Less trouble is good with me..

    Or have you filled your life with dozens of friends?

    I have many friends..

    I only see,the people I want to associate with..

    The rest can walk West,till thier Hat Floats..



  • WuzLovesDubs

    this is a good topic in itself Jeff....gawd the aires we did put on.

    I don't miss all the games that went on. The social game was no different - play nice with all the little busybodies, nosey spy-types, and self righteous elders.

  • bigwilly

    I have many "aquaintances" and persons I enjoy spending time with on occassion. I have very few I would refer to as "close friends" and even fewer that I'd say I could pour my soul out to.

    I don't miss the fake friendships and relationships associated with the borg and have come to view most of those former "friendships" as hollow. We had fun and enjoyed each other's company, but these people never exhibited what I'd call "true friendship". I am what I'd call a social loner. I enjoy social engagements and being around people, but absolutely must have my alone time. Truthfully I have little patience for people and can reach my limit of association quickly. Most of the persons I associate with now are for the social aspect and enjoy similar activities and so on, but when situations change and we're not easily thrown together I'm pretty unlikely to go out of my way to keep in touch with most.

  • Farkel

    Gaining 1 friend outside Watchtower Walls is an infinite increase over the number of friends one would have with an entire life inside those walls.

    Do the math: 0 divided by 1 = infinite


  • Charlie Cheddar
    Charlie Cheddar

    To leave the org after having many phoney, plastic and 'conditional' friendships, (conditional in the sense that they'll be your friend as long as you stay in the org), and then make just one real, sincere, genuine & true friend in the World, in my opinion is a thousand times better.


  • LongHairGal

    No, I only have a few friends but at least they are more genuine than the ones from the religion. Besides, I never felt I needed the boatload of friends that some people think they need.

    I never believed in the so-called brotherhood the religion claims it has. It always rang somewhat phoney to me with put-on smiles. I think the only brotherhood that may have existed was among extended families. As far as 'instant friendships' go, I don't believe in them and have seen that what comes quickly also goes quickly. These types of people will leave you reeling from a bad experience. God help you if you show hospitality or widen out to the wrong person (women are unfortunately more at risk here). Too bad there isn't some kind of detector that beeps "USER, USER" with a red light flashing! So, I guess I will have to make do with my brain and instincts.

    I was always puzzled at some who visited the hall and thought people were supposed to treat them like they were visiting dignitaries! The whole thing was really ridiculous and I have no patience for anything like this now.

  • jaguarbass

    I'm a loner. I dont have time for friends. If I had time I might want friends.

    I work midnights and sleep days, its not condusive to being social.

    I left the tower in 83, since that time I have been on baseball teams, soccer teams.

    Music groups. Have had biker friends, thats when I worked days.

    For the past 4 years I've been working midnights.

    Probably and hopefully 5 more years of midnights than I retire.

    Then I will find some friends. If I feel the need.

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