Now you can post your comments on the website!

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  • bohm

    anyone actually got sidewiki working? i have installed the google toolbar, but i cant find it anywhere.

  • MyBrainHurts

    When you install the Google Toolbar, it will ask if you want to install the enhanced features. Say yes and the toolbar will install. I went to and this is the first SideWiki:

    Blog post by Page owner Brinjen- Sep 23, 2009 Some other useful Watchtower sites Useful? Yes ( 4 ) No ( 3 ) Report abuse Edit Delete Share ?

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    R U SHYTIN ME!! This the gretest thing since sliced bread. Of course I have alwys maintained that this religion will be pretty much mainstream in 20 yrs.

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog


    So now I can virtually spraypaint the Kingdom Hall?

    LOL Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Pass me the brown can!


    The ability to post on the WBT$ Web Site leaves endless possibilities..

    We may not be able to Topple the Watchtower..

    But ..

    The Official WBT$ Web Site is a different matter..

    The WBT$ is going to get real pissed when they see what we can do..

    This gives us a very level playing field..

    On the Internet..The WBT$ is no match for us..

    It`s Show Time!!



  • poppers

    Maybe we should start a pool to see how long it will take for the Watchtower site to close down.

  • Cadellin

    So do you have to have Sidewiki installed to see what others have posted or only to post yourself?

  • bohm

    Cadellin: you got to have sidewiki installed and enabled. perhaps there is even an opt-out option for websites to prevent google from getting sued.

    Crap, i cant get it working. i have installed the google toolbar, but there was no option to enable enhanced features :-(. think it might be my locale thats causing problems.

  • watson

    Whomever posts on the "side wiki," PLEASE use good judgement. If you sound like a whacked out apostate, then your points will be moot.

  • AllTimeJeff

    I just installed this... Wow! Of course, this is a 3rd party add on, and I bet most JW's won't know of this at first. Still, if 4 have already given it a "NO" on if its helpful, that must mean there are some pissed off JW's who saw brinjen's stuff already.

    Btw, I 2nd Watsons thought. No rhetoric. Best to direct them to some legit sites, like this one, and especially

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