Elder Disfellowshipped Last Night

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  • wifeofjw

    So my JW husband tells me last night a Elder was disfelloshipped. Totally unexpected by the cong. Well, my hubby was really upset by it. Anyway I could use this to give him a wake up call. Could I find out why he was DF'd? Not to be noisy but to help my husband see the light.

  • zombie dub
    zombie dub

    just ask the wife/child of another elder, they will likely know

  • JWoods

    Unfortunately for your purposes, it was likely an adultry thing (most elder DFs are) and will just reinforce the idea that the JWs "keep their congregations clean".

    Unfortunately, also, I guess they missed the Garridos clan.

  • Gregor

    wife, I don't know what your social connections are with other JWs but, as was mentioned above, you can probably find out through "back channel" intelligence sources (aka, 'gossip').

    It is doubtful you could just call up one of the JC and say, "OK, Bill, what's the skinny on Joe?"

  • rockmehardplace

    give it a few weeks. everyone will be talking about all the details then.

  • mouthy

    Call him ...Tell him your so sorry for the news that is going on in the congregation if he needs a friend
    give him this


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Did you ask if anyone else was disfellowshipped the same night? Perhaps a pioneer sister?

  • bluecanary

    I second mouthy's advice. There's no guarantee that the rumors you will hear are true, and it will be good for this guy that you show enough caring to talk to him. Don't ask him, "what did you do?" Just tell him you heard he was DF'd and wanted to let him know that if he needs a friend to talk to, you're there for him.

  • Gregor


    That could backfire if he was DF'd for some sexual sin and is still a committed JW in his heart. Better to wait for some clue as to what happened. If it was some kind of "apostasy" he may be interested in this site.

  • undercover

    It was probably adultery/fornication, as already noted, but whatever it was, it'll probably leak in a few days. These things always seem to be leak.

    Give it a few days and then ask your husband if he's heard anymore about it.

    No matter what the infraction, you can still use this. I'm assuming your husband was friends with the elder, thus his being upset. Here's where you can question the shunning practice. Would you expect a true friend to turn your back on you when you're down and out? Not being a JW you can question it and debate it and maybe get through where an ex-JW would never have a chance.

    Good luck.

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