those oh so spritual answers...

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  • tigeress

    hehe Sylvia, its also my favorite purfume...

    I like to consider that it was invented by a woman who wasn't afraid to take on a make dominated world, ask questions and break rules...

    ...hardly appropreate purfume for a JW eh?;)

  • snowbird

    You wouldn't be speaking of this here woman, would you?

    Tee hee hee.


  • tigeress

    thats the one! you didn't mess around with her now! Good thing too, in my opionion No5 is the ultimate purfume

    shame shes not alive anymore, i bet she would have had somthing to say to those brain washed JW's!

  • AGuest

    and no stranger than others who have served Christ, dear 'Keet. The truth is that many other people also have visions - it's just that we live in a world where it's not always good to talk about such things (you know, people will think you're... ummmm... well, strange). I can't care about that, though, as here is what my Lord has requested of me... and I have agreed to do:

    1. Always say what he directs me to... as he directs me to say... to whom he directs me to say it... even if the person(s) think me "strange"

    2. Always speak the truth, except where someone may be harmed (in which case, say nothing... or go ahead and lie if it'll keep them alive/from harm)... even if people think me "strange"

    3. Hide nothing (of course, this doesn't mean always reveal everything to everyone at every moment, but only the "need to know" or "if someone asks" or "if he/the Spirit directs" stuff).. even if people think me "strange"

    4. Do not hide my "light" (i.e., the fruit and gifts of the spirit that I receive from him... including, seeing/hearing into the spirit world)... even if people think me "strange"

    5. Do not deny the truth... of who/what I am, what I am given... and from whom... even if people think me "strange"

    6. Remember to give the glory to the Most Holy One of Israel, our heavenly Father, JAH of Armies

    IMHO, that's not a lot to ask, given what I receive in return (visions, understanding, etc.). I am FREE... because he set me free... to do these things... without fear. And so, I share... openly and freely.

    Peace to you both!

    A slave of Christ,




    As ususal you are very loving to Nitwits,like the lady who farts Chanel 5..

    Your vision is pretty wild I must say..

    You never cease to surprise me..

    I`m not sure I`d like to see a vision like the one you described..

    For me that would be the Horror Chanel..LOL!!

    Dreams are good enough..I think a Vision might just be a little Too Freaky for me..

    Take Care my Friend..


  • DaCheech

    in northern jersey we had this now deceased Palma Catanzaro (pioneer, sister of CO, etc etc etc)

    the thing she bragged about (besides being an elderette) was bringing thousands in the troof, unfortunately she forgets to tell people she stumbled twice as many

  • parakeet

    Dearest Shelby,

    Although I cannot claim I've had a vision or even a dream to guide me, my rules for living are much like yours, minus the "Christ" and "the Most Holy One of Isreal, our heavenly Father, JAH of Armies." I'd prefer not to be thought of as strange, but that ship sailed some time ago.

    Peace to you!

    A 'keet of Tao,


  • chicken little
    chicken little

    Hej Tigress,

    Staying on medication is no sin when you need it. It is self defeating to fall back into a deep depression just so you can say you are free from medication....I know, been there tried it. When eventually you are ready to come off the meds, you will know. I stopped two years ago when all the external factors in my life were good. The internal chaos had disappeared, I just slowly reduced the amount I took (with doctors agreement), until I stopped taking them altogether. This may or may not happen for you.....don't beat yourself up over it. Enjoy life. The self righteous sister you mentioned in your thread is hollow, uttering things she thinks will get her brownie points. Deep down many of these women are so depressed and unhappy.


    Chicken little

  • wantstoleave

    I cant help but sit and roll my eyes when people answer like parrots. Its so boring! All they do is swap the words around, flip one sentence to the top and then say the bottom one Then they read the quoted scripture and voila....they are envied/admired by many. Then there are those that sit there thinking 'blah!!!'

    My brother used to answer 'from the heart'. He rarely used words from the paragraph, or scriptures. He just told it as it was, and he was so eloquent at it. I admired him, not those sis/bros who harp on about words from the paragraph that they've just switched from one sentence to another.

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