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  • Farkel


    :I know he is going to go through alot of grief and pain when he does realize the truth about it...its like his whole life has been a lie.

    Since you were only a JW for a short period of time, it may be hard for you to understand just how significant that statement above really is. For born-ins like me who had to face up to the fact that our entire youth and early adulthood was literally wasted for a lie, evoked a rage that cannot be described. It takes a while to get over that rage, that anger and settle down to deal with the blame, the grief, the sadness and finally the acceptance of it all.

    It is easier for some than others, but it is never easy. Be patient.

    With regards to your husband's blind trust in God dealing with organizations and the Watchtower Leaders frequent statements that Jehovah has always dealt with organizations, ask your husband to name one Bible prophet (including Jesus) who was part of an organization that Jehovah approved to run things for Him.

    Virtually ALL Bible prophets were individuals being used by God to condemn organizations (like the Israelites) that God disapproved, NOT that God favored.


  • cawshun


    Thank you for the response. Did your mother have any influence on your not believing, or was it just your own observations? If she did play a roll in it, I would be interested in knowing what.

    Again, I'm' so happy you see the real truth, no matter what your husband believes, I hope nothing he says or does will bring you back into that mind controlling cult!

    You didn't say if you have children, I hope for the sake of any child or future child, that you do everything in your power to keep them away from the WT. It really upsets me to see my grand-kids under their influence ( ages 5 and 8). One day they told me that, if i do Christmas and Birthdays, I worship the devil.... that just about broke my heart, but I told them that just WAS NOT true. I do celebrate Christmas, with a tree and presents for the kids ( parents won't stop me from that, they don't want to rob us of all our joy) and I can tell you, their little eyes light up when they see my tree and all the presents for them.

    One thing that helps my son-in-law and daughter is that the only family memebers in the cult are his mother and step dad. If they should ever decide to leave, they won't leave behind all their family and realtives and be shunned by all their friends since all the friends they run around with are not jw's. I can't tell you how happy I am about that. I encourage my daughter to do things with her non jw friends, I think that give's some balance to what she is being taught at meetings.

    There is so much help here, spend as much time as you can here, a lot of people have been in your shoes and can relay their experiences, what works and what doesn't.

    Have a good day, all day,


  • moshe
    -i dont want to be disfellowshiped because i dont want to go back into the hall for a judicial meeting.

    Then don't go. If the KGB sent you a letter to come to a "interrogation meeting", would you go? Well, if you did and you got whipped with a rubber hose until you confessed, then it would be your own fault for giving them jurisdiction over you wouldn't it? Once I realized the WT had gotten my membership by lying about their past, I stopped allowing the elders any further control over my life.

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