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  • isaacaustin

    I know of MANY Jw couples who have met this way.

  • coffee_black

    A bro in our area met a fillipino woman online. He went there twice and then she came here. One of the OLDER elders told him not to bring her to the KH unless they were married! He went to Reno and married her. All was well once that was done. Now she's here permanent and they are in line with the leading of Christ's Brothers. Aint that nice. Idiots. (the twit has been married 4 times already. Wonder if she knew that?) W.Once

    My JW x-husband met a Phillipino woman online...and married her this past Spring in the Phillipines. He's stuck there now waiting to get a visa for her. She is less than half his age...and about 5 years younger than our daughter. He sold everything he owned here. I wonder if she knows that...


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Well I do know a success story.

    After my seperation my buddy suggested the web. I thought it was stupid for people to chat on the web. Social infidels I called them.

    Well I became an infidel and gained friends. One sister I was chatting with was nice so I introduced my friend to her. They hit it off and now they are married.

    I know it's a puke story but alas, it's true

  • WTWizard

    The witlesses are against it, but not to the point of judicial hearings. They highlight the risks (in their case, finding someone that puts a favorable profile on the site only to turn out to be an apostate). But, with people fudging their ages and weight (and sometimes doctoring up their pictures), I am not surprised to find the witlesses will fudge their field circus times, standings in the congregation, or other embellishments and lies in their profiles.

    The problem is, most hounders go beyond using caution and not finalizing anything until they are sure that they are telling the truth or they can live with the truth. Rather, they insistently hound people not to do it at all. They play up the chances of finding disaster, scaring people into not doing it. The story about a person who tried online dating services and is not in the cancer today is a common scare story--and it prevents many people from even giving it a try. Not to mention that, even if one is successful in connecting, the hounders are going to do whatever they can to bust it up before it can get going.

    But, they will not exercise the same caution about marrying without giving the marriage a test drive. They impose chaperones on dates with adults, and everything they do together has to be in public and approved by the hounders. To me, that is as bad as marrying someone online without doing one's homework.

  • wantstoleave

    Have known a few that have done it. One moved countries to be with her man, they are around the same age. What she didnt know was how controlling he was, and how abusive he was to his ex wife. Obviously, he had kept that to himself. Had we of met her in person beforehand, someone could have warned her. BUT, we did not meet her until they were already married. They met in person for the first time on their wedding day. He brought her to the next meeting and everyone was really shocked. In the 6yrs they've been married, she's moved back home once, for a year or so. Then he went over there for a year. Then he came back for a year. And now he's back with her, in her country. From what I hear, she is VERY miserable.

    The other one I know about, they seem to be very happy. Married about 5yrs, expecting first baby, been back and forth between countries over the years. They shared a neighbouring hall with us, and were allowed to marry in the KH.

  • LouBelle

    OK so I did put my details on one of the Jw sites just after I left, because I could. I got a couple of hits and the one was from a Jw I knew. He soooooo wanted to get his freak on, but he wasn't my type. I was amused at how candid he was online about sex and wanted to call me and have phone sex.

  • wantstoleave

    How awful LouBelle, creepy! I've known many a 'proper' Christian JW who has done the same without a second thought.

  • LouBelle

    wantstoleave - it was creepy coming from him. Just threw me at the double standard - if my memory serves me correctly he was a mini.

  • wantstoleave

    Yeah, thats the hard part to digest.....being 'up there' in authority, and behaving like that.

  • Girlie

    Perhaps if the stance on connecting with someone of the opposite sex wasn't so restrictive, there wouldn't be a need to go searching the sites for a partner. Not that I am opposed to the idea as I have heard of some success stories from it. I just find the major restrictions on opposite sex relations to contribute to the cause.

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