Could WTS Become a Mainstream Religion?

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  • wobble

    I believe there would be a mass waking up to the fact that they are not God's organization, and therefore a mass exodus, if they attempt to change too fast.

    I think they will have to come up with something to attract new members in the rich nations," the end is nigh" and "paradise eventually" are not enough to sucker people in any more,all they are getting is social misfits and wackos,who of course fit in well,but don't fill the coffers.

    Mainstreaming in small increments,like the Mormons, may work over time,but do they have time ? With 200 a day leaving ?



  • dozy

    Firstly , it has to be noted that the WTS has mainstreamed somewhat since Russell & Rutherford’s time and would be almost unrecognizable to a JW or Bible Student from those eras. There is an almost inevitable process that as membership grows into many millions and as 2 nd & 3 rd generation adherents dominate that there is a dilution of the original ideals and doctrines as company placemen replace the old guard. Whatever you say about Russell , Rutherford & Franz there certainly hasn’t been anyone as dominant or as charismatic in recent times.

    Structurally , I think is probable that the WTS will morph into more of a mainstream pseudo Christian group in the future , especially as 1914 continues to recede. They will face the challenge , as one poster put it , of being “an end times cult without an end times”. Imagine what the WTS would have looked like if Franz , Dunlap et all had managed what essentially was a power and ideological control struggle in 79/80. It would only have taken another 2 or 3 sympathetic GB members & a couple of “high-ups” in the Bethel for them to have “Christianised” the WTS.

    While they lost and the hardliners won , there is no reason why a similar situation won’t recur , with a different result. This is particularly possible as the GB seem to have settled on a much smaller power base of a GB in single figures , with none appointed since 2005. Allowing for 2 or 3 very elderly members and a couple of guys who basically nod assent to the majority without saying anything, this means that basically only 3 or 4 people control the society and set the agenda.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    To me it will become a matter of spiritual Darwinism; they either adapt or die. The inexorable passage of time is eroding their chronological foundation; their cries of "soon" and "very soon" sound more hollow with each passing day. What's "soon-to-arrive" is the centenary of the Kingdom's birth in heaven --- and there must be no little discomfort at HQ as to how to explain this one. The on thing they can't do it to let it pass unnoticed in hopes the JWs won't notice. Already, it appears they're subtly distancing themselves from the whole "Gentile Times" calculation and counting the collecive amnesia of their flock.

  • Peppermint

    Just look at many other similar groups throughout history and the answer becomes apparent. There is nothing special about the JWs and their journey from the extroudanary to the mundane.

  • metatron

    This religion isn't about any logic regarding dates or performance. It's about obsession and addiction. I believe we are now seeing a brain drain of the best and brightest, leaving the GB with a cult full of fantasy driven dolts.

    We could be seeing a planned drift towards a sort of mainstream as they sort out how they can exploit what they dominate. With wallets closing in amidst a depression, that isn't going to be easy.


  • sir82

    The guys at the top are addicted to power and control - it's their cocaine.

    To become "mainstream", they'd have to drop the harsh disfellowshipping doctrine, their primary means of control. I just don't see that happening.

    On the other hand, I don't see the status quo continuing for decades without some sort of implosion either.

    That's what makes this all so interesting - you really can't foresee how it will all end up.

  • isaacaustin

    They may be able to pull it off. The modern-day breed are drones who simply follow. Would it bother them greatly if they started accepting mainstream doctrine and were allowed to do holidays? Probably not. The long-time veterans who are accustomed to the rigid nature would be completely disillusioned.

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog

    They could Kiss the bible answer man's butt, like the WWCG.

    I read threads about reform and needed changes. I don't like the idea. I personally think that a harmful dangerous mind-control cult should not find some way to moderate slightly to keep their membership. It's tough to say that because I don't want harm to come to those that stay within WTS. At the same time, I personally feel that the revolving doctrines and extremes do more to cause people to leave.

    I agree! Jesus said, the tree (I believe the org in this case) should be cut down and burned.

    Mat 7:19

    Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.

  • WTWizard

    They could become mainstream only by seizing control of all the world's governments (which they are in fact trying to do). If they do that, they will be more than mainstream--they will then be the only religion, and everyone will have to be one of them or else get stoned to death.

    The Catholics did the same thing to start the First Dark Ages, only they burned people at the stake instead of stoning them.

  • yknot

    Ultimately I think the WTS has and will continue to evolve into fully a Corporation in it's decisions and leanings.

    There are too many GB & higher up Bethelites who forsee themselves being around in 2035 and desiring to keep up their worry-free gift bestowed lifestyles...... lessening Jaracz/F.Franz like control in favor of more in the WTS coffers is a easy trade off because you can always institute control again later down the line.

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