Congregation "Bible Study" Comments - Week Commencing 21 September 2009

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  • lisavegas420

    to garyneal: are you happy? Are you happy with your choice of partner? Is she happy with her choice? Do you have passion in your relationship?

    just wondering...

    this isn't meant to offend. But he seems to me like a great husband...but I didn't see where he was happy.

    back to readin'.


  • MyBrainHurts

    What a load of rubbish.

    I was raised in "the truth" and married a "good christian sister". She started abusing me 6 months after the wedding. After ten years of her physical, emotional, and mental abuse, I left her.

    Needless to say I was viewed as the person that was in the wrong.

    I am now married to a wonderful "worldy" woman. We have an awesome relationship. She respects me, loves me, and cares for me like no one else ever has. She is more generous and loving than the "christian" woman. I am now a very, very happy man.

    What makes a good marriage mate? It surely isnt those hypocritical JW's.

  • garyneal

    lisavegas: Good question and no offense was taken. Am I happy? I would have to say on balance, yes. I'm happy with my choice of partner. I'd like to believe she is equally happy with hers. We from time to time say things that we should not have said. It hurts us both deeply at times. I know I am trying to become better at this. I think she is too. We feed off one another. If I go to church, she goes to the hall. If I don't read the Bible, she doesn't either. She loves the Lord and so do I. She thinks I am misled, I think she is misled.

    I believe God has been trying to tell me to just love her and her JW associations regardless of their views of me. Not that I didn't love them, but I think He is trying to tell me to show it by being helpful, kind, friendly, maybe arrange to do fun things with them. I don't mind if they want to discuss theology as long as it is a two way street. I think it bothers my wife that I am now starting to form an opinion about their beliefs and practices. I used to be such a 'good Bible student', she would say. That was because I would just politely listen and nod when they performed their "Bible Study." Now she says I am trying to disprove the Bible. Upon asking for a specific example to back up that claim, she gets frustrated and wants to end the conversation.

    Yes, I am happy, but at the same time discouraged. What drew me to this discussion board was the fact that there were other 'interfaith' marraiges partners posting here.

  • lisavegas420

    Thank you for answering garyneal. I'm glad you two are happy.

    That's important!


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