List of songs in new songbook and comparisons with old song book

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  • chickpea
    song 146 "Bitter apostates find joy with each other"

    damn! now i have that song stuck in my head!!

    loves me some ((((((bitter apostates))))))) i do!!!!

  • Finally-Free
    Anyone have a list of the songs that got the axe?

    I don't have a list but I noticed "the bible's hope for mankind" isn't there. Strange song. The first time it was played in our hall me and a bethelite had to exit the hall because we were laughing so hard.


  • donuthole

    "...ever loyal to our brothers
    when they take the lead
    when they give us clear direction
    may our heart and mind give head"

    more of the same

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    song 113.....must see if that one still there :)

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    its there its there..yippeeeeeeeeee its now song 31 think...whoooooooooooo gnite all.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • undercover
    New song # and Title Old song # Notes

    Here...let me condense this for you:

    New song list Old song list

    shit shit

  • janseyhull

    Would love to give you little people more song titles, but apparntly I'm being to "on target" for you apostates.


  • scotinsw

    Missed this thread last week. Shame it got hijacked.

    can't believe the song about the elders. Glad I'm never going to have to endure singing that one - what a load of BS! Although, I think that if this had come out when I was still in I would have refused to sing it - elders were the bane of my life ever since I was a child.

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