If the WTS is not a False Prophet, what is it? surely the Bible identifies them as Apostates

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  • jookbeard

    Through out the WTS history it has claimed to be the only channel that God has selected to be his mouthpiece on Earth, it calls itself ; The Greater David, The Jonnadab Class, The Faithful and Discreet Slave, The Elijah Class, The Fulfillers of Trumpet Blasts in Revelation, so on and so forth. Yet from it's inception by CT Russel it promoted a unique brand of Biblical beliefs that were meant to be accepted as Bible truth, 1799 1874/1914, Miracle Wheat, The Pleiades Star Constellation, the Occult content found in The Studies in the Scriptures/Divine Plan of the Ages etc, would Jesus himself have selected a religious group who were promoting such beliefs? Impossible, also Russel was embroiled in a serious sex scandal that was never satisfactorily answered.

    The reign of Joe Rutherford whose first proclamation was to announce that he had served as a district judge, which was shown to be a lie, he went on to build Beth Sharim a luxurious house in expectation of the resurrection to Earth of the Faithful Worthies , a failed prophecy that surprisingly failed to come true. Rutherford was a violent,sexist, altoholic bully, who imported his favourite brand of whiskey from Canada during the prohibition era who ruled in a despotic way, he died faithful to the WTS but hardly a man Jesus would have bestowed his Earthly belongings?

    The reign of Nathan Knorr bought huge growth to the WTS, in which time the WT magazine was to be printed in virtually every nation on the Earth, yet during this reign Knorr introduced a strange policy of banning Blood and Organ Transplants with zero scriptural backing for this ban, faithful members of the WTS were either undergoing deathbed dissfellowshippings/ or having to die painful traumatic deaths in regards to upholding their Faith to Gods organization. The saddest part of his tenure was the allowing the death/rape/torture/false imprisonment of their brethren in Malawi, all this time also allowing two practising homosexuals to rule on this exclusive Governing Body . Also was the announcement that 1975 would mark the end of this wicked system, words that can be found throughout the printed words of the WTS books and magazines. So another era and more failed prophecies.

    The reign of Fred Franz was shorter as his appointment was very late in his life, yet he was the man behind the 1975 prophecy yet who lied in many public appearances saying that the brothers had made it all up.

    The next president was Mr Milton Henshall who's early work led to the dropping of the generation of 1914, another president, another lie and failed prophecy, anyone notice a pattern emerging?

    Surely the history from the early days of Russel to the current regime of Gerrit Loesch and his merry men show that the WTS is a false prophet and not Gods channel on Earth today

    Duet 18,20-22

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    Good write up Jookbeard and very truthful statement

    This BS corporate religious publishing company started out as such and continued on in effect to this day .

    It was always about corrupt money and power.

  • alanv

    Yes a very good round up of Some of the societies false prophesies. There are many, many more but this certainly makes the point. One might reasonably ask then how is it possable for so many to follow them.

    It can only be indoctrination. If all the above were to appear in another religeon the witnesses would be on them like a ton of bricks. Therefor it is not because witnesses are stupid people they have simply been taken in by a large powerful organisation.

  • diamondiiz

    Most witnesses today don't have a clue about their own history and secondly they will claim it's old history and they don't follow that anymore because of the new light.Cult mentality is a killer but few that have any sense of reason will see through the garbage and wake up. Out of all the WT leaders I would give Russell most credit even though his beliefs were wrong and some out right nuts, he at least died during the war which he possibly believed was great tribulation but had he lived past 1918 and continued with his dates and crap I would put him right along the side of Rutherford. WTS is a false prophet which is no doubt about it and they are apostate in a true meaning of the word. Sad part is that many people don't see it and don't want to see it.

  • isaacaustin

    Honestly JB, I can see no more a direct fulfillment of Jesus words about false Christs and messiahs that the WTS.

  • Alwayshere

    Deuteronomy 18:21-22 idenifies them as being a False Prophet.

  • DaCheech

    i could not have summed it up any better..... great reading

  • parakeet

    It's just your average soul-sucking, brain-killing, money-draining cult.

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    The Truth of the matter is , if there never had been the initial investment brought into the WTS. by C T Russell and friends there would

    not be a WTS. working in operation today. Certain men such as ( Rutherford etc. ) saw the power and the money and seized it for themselves,

    and the rest is history.

  • glenster

    Literature salesmen devoted to

    the Faker, Shill, and the Holdings Shyster,
    the Forger, Scam, and the Hokey Spoofer,
    the Fraud Plan, Con, and the Hypo Critter,
    the Falsehood, Spam, and the Hoax E-mailer,
    the Front Man, Sting, and the Headquarters Schemer,
    the Frameup, Bluff, and the Pesky Squanderer,
    the Fake O, Stunt, and the Hope Evader, and
    the Shammer, Shun, and the Sheoly Schmearer.

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