'The Cult' Premiere 8:30pm Thursday, September 24 on NZ TV2

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  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    No clips sorry, Lillith. Contact TVNZ if you want that, but I doubt they could help either.

    The Cult: Sneak Preview

    The hype is true: TV2's The Cult really is an incredible TV show.

    A group of us sat down tonight to watch the pilot and we were all in agreement: this is going to be the next big show on TV.

    read more.... Episode one is available.

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    Black Sheep

    The set of New Zealand’s most ambitious new drama features a warm, cosy living area, faceless rooms with cold, white walls and a mysterious lock-up packed with coffins.

    Welcome to the heart of The Cult – a high concept 130-part series which follows a group of desperate Liberators trying to free their loved ones from secret organisation, Two Gardens.

    Featuring a huge cast, the thriller has an impressive line-up of talent, including home-grown stars Renato Bartolomei, Sara Wiseman, Rachel Nash and Danielle Cormack, as well as overseas actors Latham Gaines and Andy Grainger.

    Qantas Awards Best Actress winner Kate Elliot, who plays a character who has lost her husband to the cult, didn’t hesitate to sign up.

    “When I first saw the script I was absolutely blown away, I just could not put it down,’’ she tells the The Buzz.


    A 130 part series and it sounds like they have gone to a lot of trouble to grab viewers attention. I really hope it gets the following they are hoping for.

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    Black Sheep


    I am sure that the Otago Daily Times has a typo. It is 13 episodes according to Wikipedia

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    Black Sheep

    You can follow the cult on Twitter.

    Your induction starts now. Read from the bottom. Does it sound familiar?

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    Black Sheep

    It will be interesting to see how their poll goes

    At the moment, without a screening, 'No way...' is at 54%

  • Heaven

    So did you notice in the video clip they're all wearing white? It's just so pure. Bountiful Love?! Oh my....

    At the moment, without a screening, 'No way...' is at 54%


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    Black Sheep

    Their latest Tweet has a typo. I am sure it should have read 'refuge'

    twogardens The world is becoming a dangerous place. Momentum are your only refugee. We are your family. Come and find us.

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    Bump for the Kiwis.

    Set your videos, kids. Make sure your Mum & Dad watch it.

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    The latest Tweet

    twogardens Where will you be on the last day?

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