Marketing. Will Dr. Dean Edell get through to JWs?

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    Open mind

    Dr. Dean Edell cited a Dutch study on his show today that indicated a 6 times increased risk for maternal death in pregnant JWs. I could tell he wanted to let loose on a major tirade but then bit his tongue.

    I wonder if this headline will have ANY impact on still-in JWs who buy the idea that Blood-Free medicine is not only pleasing to God but in fact is the safer course of action.

    cabasilas posted about the study on here a few months ago.

    and got not a single reply. I just found it today. Can't paste since I'm on firefox and won't do the necessary tweaks to make it operational.


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    Open mind

    Why firefox sometimes lets me paste and others not is a mystery to me.

    There's the link..............Link.

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    Articles like this would be seen by most JW's as another attempt by Satan's world to undermine Jehovah's law and persecute those who want to take a faithful stand for Jehovah. The brainwashing would hit home, "Blood doesn't save lives, who's to say they wouldn't have died if they accepted a blood transfusion" or "If I die faithfull in this system I will be blessed with everlasting life in the new system". You can't get through to the mjority, but hopefully some will wake up smell the coffee when reading articles such as this.

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    Open mind

    We've all heard anecdotal cases of "The Doctors said she would die without taking blood and she didn't!" Praise Jah.

    And there are plenty of individual cases where it's hard to say DEFINITIVELY that a person wouldn't have died if they had received a transfusion.

    And so some JWs think No Blood always makes good sense from a medical perspective.

    What I like about this study is it shows that JW women as a group are in fact at a higher risk of dying for their religious beliefs.

    Which brings us back to what the Blood Card has said all along, 'This stand is primarily religious in nature, not medical.'

    I wonder how many JWs are truly ready to die for their beliefs.


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    Open mind

    Oh, and, thanks for making it clickable Minnie M!


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    I was a dub when I gave birth to my son more than 30 years ago. I was so naive and uninformed that the possibility of hemorrhage never entered my mind. I was lucky; the birth was uneventful, medically speaking.

    But my son would have been endangered had the elders in my KH had their way. Earlier in my marriage, I had a miscarriage. The doctors found that I was Rh-negative and advised me to accept an injection of Rhogam, which would prevent the Rh-factor from damaging any future children. Rhogam is a blood-derived medication that protects future Rh-positive children from the dangers of mental retardation and physical defects resulting from the Rh-factor. I took the injection.

    Although I met with general disapproval from the elders and was actually hissed at by a "sister" for taking the injection, the ever-opening-and-closing WTS window regarding blood-derived medications was at that time open. That is, it was a "matter of conscience" and not actionable by a judicial committee. The "window" snapped shut again just a year or two later.

    The sister that hissed at me was also Rh-negative and refused the injection. Her daughter was born with borderline mental retardation.

    Yet another way by which mothers and children are endangered by the WTS's lethal blood policy.

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