High School Reunion

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  • SnakesInTheTower

    I went to my 25th class reunion this year.... first time I went to a reunion (anyone remember the DC where they spoke against attending class reunions?)... might be the last..but because I was bored. Although I had a pretty girl (my fiancee Toni, who graduated 4 years earlier from the same HS) on my arm, the reunion itself was pretty bland.... it was held at a sports bar.... the same one where the 20th mixer was held.... since the dinner part of the 20th was an utter disaster (by all accounts) but the mixer was a success, they just went with an expanded mixer...

    For $12 person, it was unlimited soda and draft beer, appetizers (which were surprisingly good), and our own large outdoor tent with tables and chairs ..plus the outside deck and inside restraunt and bar were available... but there was no music, no band...no entertainment...at least it was affordable to everyone...esp those coming from out of town...

    I had offered to get the DVD of our class video yearbook (back then VHS) which would have been a cool trip down memory lane, but the committee did not make available any equipment to show it, so I didn't pursue it.

    Overall, boring. I seen a few people that I liked alright in HS, but mostly, we stayed to ourselves, just as I did back then... we didn't stay long... we instead went for a drive up the river and back....came home, got the 8YO, went to bed relatively early....lol

    Probably won't go to the 30th.

    Snakes (Rich )

  • coffee_black

    I went to the 10th, but didn't go again untill the 35th. The 35th was a blast. Most people are over themselves by this time... and are more relaxed and friendly. We have music and dancing planned... prizes, games to break the ice... and everyone gets a name tag with thier hs pic on it... to help in the identification process ...some people you wouldn't recognize in a million years. 6 of our classmates have passed since graduation. There'll be a memorial table for them.... We're having a catered buffet and a cash bar. It's nice that we have stuff planned for the whole weekend...which makes it more worth the trouble of travelling to it. There are people coming from all over the country. We also do a directory with short bios so people can catch up and know what became of everyone. Makes it nice for people who can't make it.


  • blondie

    I have never been but it was not a jw thing. Next year is a signal year. We have a website and over 400 people have been located and get timely updates. Some have contacted me and I may go. I was a quiet person in school but not without note.

  • coffee_black

    Hi Blondie... we have a website too, as well as a classmates event page...and there's an alumni website for the town that has been helpful...and a committee of slueths to track down missing classmates. Westwood is a small town. We only had a little over 200 in our graduating class.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Interesting Trivia regarding your little home town, Coffee.

  • The remains of a cave sit along Route 109, that King Philip and his men hid inside during King Philip's War. The massive rock that once contained the cave was known as the Oven's Mouth. It was blown up along with most of the cave in the 1950s in order to straighten out Route 109.
  • Maj. Robert Steele, the Continental Army drummer boy during the Battle of Bunker Hill, is buried in the old Westwood Cemetery off Route 109.
  • Westwood is home of the oldest animal pound in the United States.
  • Westwood was a dry town until 2005. Restaurants can now apply for liquor licenses.
  • Westwood is home to the Hale Reservation, an area of open space donated by Robert Sever Hale. Hale Reservation spans over 1200 acres in Westwood and Dover, MA.
  • Looks like a wonderful little town to have grown up in.



  • isaacaustin

    My ten year was great. It was wonderful to be back in the setting...but this time being a normal person.

  • coffee_black

    You're right, Jeff. It's a wonderful town to have grown up in. The area is surrounded by history.. the next town over, Dedham, is the home of the Fairbanks House...built in 1636...the oldest standing wood frame house in the U.S. Douglas Fairbanks, the actor was related to that family.

    Westwood and Dover have become very expensive to live in. If you look at the link to acessed values on the Westwood website...look at 36 Blue Hill Drive.... wish I could still afford to live there.... sold it in 1979. sigh~


  • kurtbethel

    I did my 30th last year. It was fun. We have a certain gold medal winning olympic diver in our class and he showed up too. As fun as it is, the after party is very interesting and not to be missed.

  • lrkr

    Just went to my 20th. Great fun! Much better than I expected. Facebook helped us all catch up ahead of time but it really was great to see everyone again.

  • coffee_black

    Well, it has begun. Last night was the home football game. There were about 30 of us who went. One of our group used to be a majorette... she brought her baton and walked in twirling it. We stayed till half time...we were ahead 36-0 when we left. Went to what used to be the high school hangout...an ice cream shop, which is now a semi-upscale restaurant. I never got to go to the hang out back then.... but now I can! Had a blast! There were a couple of people I wouldn't have recognized if I tripped over them... but it HAS been 40 years...so that's expected. We are a diverse group... a lawyer, an IT guy, a school principal, a nurse turned medium and raike (sp?)healer, a music professor, a motivational speaker, several teachers, and a few I didn't get to chat with....

    It's nice to make up for lost time, and form friendships that should have been formed back then.

    Tonight is the main event. We're expecting between 100 and 125 people. Not many spouses are coming.


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