Guess who I saw on FaceBook?

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  • brinjen

    I love stories with happy endings. Thanks for sharing.

  • dissed


    If you didn't mean anything by your statement, then I didn't mean anything by my statement.

    Thanks for coming back with your reply.

  • sir82

    Sometimes the JW literature photos have to be revised, due to the models' "falling out of the truth", getting DF'ed or what have you. All those "exemplary brothers and sisters" weren't quite so exemplary as hoped.

    Not magazines so much, as they are already virtually obsolete ("old light") by the time they are printed, but books, brochures, tracts, etc., stuff that has a shelf life of a few years.

    As I recall, they've changed the cover of the "Does God Really Care About Us" brochure as well as a few of the "YPA" DVD covers.

  • AdaMakawee

    I bet this guy (now) is very thankful that he was forced to have blood back in the day. Lots of us have regrets for things we did or that happened while we were in, but sometimes there were people that had to say no, because it was expected and there was pressure for them to say no, but they were secretly relieved to have it forced on them, even if they felt guilty for feeling that way. Does that make any sense? Can you imagine his feelings after living with that and then he finds out that all those teachings were a crock of shit and they almost took his life? (and this could just be my imagination working overtime) nevertheless...Wow


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