Guess who I saw on FaceBook?

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  • dissed

    Just as I am new to this site and many Web thingy's, my daughter just introduced me to Facebook. "Must get with it dad!"

    So, I'm looking over my nephews Facebook last night, glancing at his friends. (He left the org several years ago)

    And I can't believe who I saw.

    I showed my wife, she couldn't believe it either. "Wow, he looks great!"

    And you know what? Many of you probably know of this person.

    Why am I being so obnoxiously overly dramatic? Because......he shouldn't have been there.

    Without giving away his entire story, he was featured in an article many years ago. He was hospitalized over a serious "blood issue", and stood firm even though his life was on the line.

    You are probably thinking, he was a miracle case. He refused blood in a life threatening situation, and somehow he pulled through without the needed transfusion. That didn't happen that way, this time.

    It WAS serious. He REFUSED blood. He ALMOST died. But.....the Doctors FORCED blood on him, and I'm convinced now, it SAVED his life.

    Looking at the picture, you could see he is in a bar. Has a beer in his hand. He has a nicely trimmed beard. And....he is VERY happy. What is also obvious, he is no longer a JW, especially if he is good friends with my "evil apostate" nephew. lol

    When I said, he shouldn't have been there, in the picture. It was because, if he was allowed to refuse the transfusion, he would have died. Thankfully, medical personal refused to honor his parents wishes, and he was saved.

    He has a life to enjoy now, no thanks to this org. I'm sure he's enjoying all that life has to offer.

    Finally, a feel good story over the blood issue, I just had to share with you. Can't wait to start Facebooking with him.

  • moshe

    JW's and former JW's who have accepted blood should speak out, but they don't. So the R&F JW thinks they can go against their doctor's medical advice and refuse a blood transfusion. Everything will be just fine they think. Dead JW's just don't complain about the mistake they made and relatives are too cowed by the WT org to speak out either. It's a viscious circle of deceit and death orchestrated by the local elders. Damn those elders who are responsible convincing JW's to accept WT sanctioned ritual suicide.

  • neverendingjourney

    Good for him! I wonder if he was a true believer when he refused blood or if it was a decision he made based on family pressure.

    It really makes you wonder, though, how many of the experiences coming from the WT are true, if any. I've had personal knowledge of several high-profile examples, and ALL of them contained exaggerations or out right lies.

    One girl had her experience published in the Awake. The reader was led to believe she was an upright, God-fearing Christian, an example for us all. A few months after that issue came out, I went out with her to a night club and engaged in some Unchristian activities with her. That's the way it goes. About a year after that she eloped and was divorced a few months later.

    The WT publishes propaganda, nothing more, nothing less.

  • cognac

    Are you gonna tell us who it is???

  • dissed


    I didn't want to say, because I don't have his permission. Maybe he is in hiding or something, IDK.

  • yknot

    Well maybe contact him through Facebook and inquire if he ain't already hangin with us at JWN!

    If you are concerned about 'outing' people please post these threads in the Private section of the forum so that only registered members can read.

  • dissed


    That wasn't my concern when I posted the thread and still isn't. I was just answering Cognac's question (see above again)

    Can you respect that, or is it too hard for you to understand?

  • Hope4Others

    Kind of gives you a warm and fussy feeling doesn't it. Glad he has moved on in life...

  • BabaYaga

    All is well that ends well!

  • yknot


    Can you respect that, or is it too hard for you to understand?

    I was not trying to upset was just a suggestion.....

    >>>>geez<<<< please play a little gentler with us girls....

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