Do you think JW should get rid of the songs at the KH?

by asilentone 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    One of my all-time favorites has two great lines in it: Jehovah God Is on My Side,la, bee-ee-ees that we-er mo-les-ted....

    ...but I can ever BEAT THEM OFF,la,la

    No, the WT should never get rid of the music. Wobble nailed why they shouldn't for the sake of the religion's success and, for those who are awakening, the songs provide comic relief and eye-rolling opportunities.


  • parakeet

    angel eyes: did any of you have any favorite songs though??

    Yes. Whichever song concluded yet another meeting of unrelieved boredom.

  • avishai

    The ONLY time I've ever heard those songs sound good was when I was visiting a cong. in Louisiana that had maybe five other white people besides me. Not to stereotype, but that cong. actually paid attn. to their singing. Also the warmest cong. I've ever visited.

  • GromitSK

    The songs and tunes were pitiful. I lost the enamel on my teeth while listening to them. Maybe I could sue.

  • Joshnaz

    My favorite song was, "Make the truth your own" and when I did make the truth my own instead of the Governing Body's own I was DF'ed!

    I think its funny. I think that song was written by someone in a jail cell. (seriously) The Org. writes a song about thinking on your own, Everyone sings it, and nobody realizes its content about independent thinking. Man they shure got everyone brainwashed

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