Question for Faders.....

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  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    Im still intouch with some who arent attending anymore, I cant close the door on them...who am i to say they are no longer and besides i dont know where i could be 6months, 6 years from one knows so i hope and pray that if i ever lost my way id have friends who would look out for me.

    In saying that im not saying i preach to my friends who no longer attend i just dont judge.

  • Girlie

    I am experiencing the opposite as well. I get a few invites, but just like OTWO said in a previous post of mine, a fade is a fade and I do not want nor need any fair-weathered friends in my life nor do I want to be pressured with all that "Come back to Jah" nonsense. I have recently joined facebook and found a lot of high school friends on there and have made little bit of friends from old jobs I had and my volunteer service. Since fading from the borg, I have been able to focus on myself and planning major and meaningful goals. I say life, as challenging as it can be sometimes, is truly good.

    PS - In joining Facebook, I have had a couple of JWs wanting to add me to their friends list. Felt good to ignore them.

  • Lieu

    I didn't have any JW "friends," I only had associates; the association, of course, being conditional.

    So, I was glad when I dropped of the earth and had not alienated the other humans around (the people who would tell me I was dead wrong but would help bury the body anyway).

  • truthseekeriam

    Okay all of a sudden in the last couple of weeks I'm getting alot of sisters dropping in to say hello and ask how we are doing, it's kinda weird all of a sudden.

    We have been inactive for at least 6 months haven't been to a meeting for at least 3 months. No calls no visits nothing! Now 3 visits in two weeks? What's up? Should I be worried?

  • ldrnomo

    Interesting question,

    We did have some invitations to some things soon after we stopped going. Not for long though it stopped as quickly as it started.

  • flipper

    LEPERMESSIAH- No, once I stopped going and attending meetings - the alleged " friends " at the kingdom hall stopped calling. Elders called a couple times - but that's just because they wanted to dig up some dirt on me - or bury me under the dirt- whichever came first ! LOL!

    My advice ? Find some new non-witness friends to start up friendships with. They won't preach at you and will accept that you've had a " crisis of conscience " in accepting mind numbing information from the witnesses anymore. If you gradually build some non-witness friendships up- by the time you completely stop - you'll have a support group. Good luck to you, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    For the most part everyone bailed out on me. Just a small minority of friends kept track.

  • willyloman

    The thing to understand about fading: It's temporary, a means to an end.

    You should be busy developing new interests and making new friends because you will be abandoned by all those old "friends" just as soon as they perceive you to be a danger to their spirituality. For most of them, it won't take much. It's an article of faith with them. They are required to avoid you like the plague in order to demonstrate their loyalty to the organization.

    Do not be surprised by this. Just get busy with your new life.

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