For those who accept the concept of "Race"

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  • cantleave

    Eddie Izzard is racist - he has just complete 47 Marathons.

    Am I missing the point?

  • chickpea

    DNA tells the story of the human family....

    basically, we are all "out of africa" with
    mutations of adaptation to climate and
    other pressures....

    we are the human race

  • mkr32208

    They all have stars upon thars... Or do they NOT have the stars? Which ones is which again?!

  • ColdRedRain

    I did a paper on the concept of "race" before. We're not really of different "races", we're really just a transition of peoples. If you take a snapshot of people from Sri Lanka, to India, to Pakistan, Nepal, Tibet, China, and Siberia and then go west and rotate south, you'll notice that everybody looks slightly, but not too different from each other in a human spectrum. Until the advent of vehicular travel, men and women met each other like this:

    Boy meets girl next door. Boy likes girl next door. Boy marries girl next door. It was only after the advent of vehicular travel, did we actually get to see the spectrum of what humankind is, to the point where a guy like me can probably claim over 15 different ethnicities. (I was born in the West Indies, a part of the world that was a hub for trading and slave owning, hence my mixed ethnic heritage). My current girlfriend herself is of German/French/Irish/Portugese ancestry and the woman I dated before that was of Italian/Irish ancestry, ethnic mixes you probably would not commonly see before the advent of vehicular travel.

    So, if me and my current have any kids, who's up for some kosher curried vegan jerked bratwurst with a side of pallela, cabbage, red wine, coconuts and English style chips? I'll even invite some of your white supremacist friends if you are a big enough POS to have any, just so I can personally blow their stupid crack theories out of the water just by existing.

    Oh, and I take a Korean martial art, so there's some Kim Chi as an appetizer, but that's not related to ethnicity, that's just me adopting another culture's art.

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