My senior fire bug has been taken away

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I went to the courthouse today and got a Justice of the Peace to sign a Form 2 Order of Examination under the Mental Health Act. I wrote out a history of what has been happening here with the repeated fires in her apartment. The Justice of the Peace agreed there was a significant risk of harm to herself and others and signed the papers. Then I had to go to the Police station for them to make a warrant for her apprehension. That was around 3 pm this afternoon.

    The police just showed up and have taken her away. Happily she was not drunk and agreed to go with them. In the middle of all this her daughter showed up. The daughter who wants nothing to do with any of this. So she translated and our little lady happily went off with the police --- while her daughter stayed behind.

    So we will see what happens. They can keep her in the hospital for evaluation for up to 72 hours. Hopefully they will see enough problems that they will determine she cannot live on her own and needs to live in supportive housing.

    I tell you, many people in the building will sleep better tonight knowing she is not in the building.

    It seems there are a few other mental health problems that she has caused so if the assessment does not get her out of her apartment we are working our way towards creating the paper trail for an eviction.

    Thanks to AGuest and others who replied to the first thread.


    Your going to live a safer life now..



  • stillin

    wow, that's too close! I've had close calls with crazy neighbors needing to use a phone, knowing he's home, nudging the door open only to find myself looking down the barrel of a hunting rifle. WHOA, Hoss! He actually believed that "they" had put a listening device into his head, but that he could fool "them" because "they" didn't know that HE knew!

    I'm glad for you. Maybe the woman will get the help she needs and maybe you can get some sleep!

  • AGuest

    peace to you! Perhaps now you and your other neighbors will sleep better... and she will get the help she obviouly needs. A win-win, perhaps!

    SA, a slave of Christ

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    The Justice of the Peace was a bit concerned that if she was drunk when the police took her into the hospital they would just release here. So I am so glad she was sober.

    I don't know how her daughter found out so fast that the police were at her mother's door but interestingly she thanked me for calling them and getting something done.

    My hope is that at the hospital they see she really needs help. The police officer invited me into the house. I took a quick peek because one of the questions that was asked by the social worker yesterday was whether she was able to keep her apartment neat and tidy. Well no question there. Her place was very presentable. So her physical ability to care for her home is excellent. Although there is always the possibility that she has help.

    My biggest concern is that since she IS sober they won't see a problem. If not then we need to start working on an eviction. I also went to the city hall today and made a request for the number of times the fire dept has been here. I'm hoping the list breaks it down to just the calls to her apartment and not just a simple list for the whole building.

    It seems too that people are beginning to talk. The other day three women kept finding her outside and not knowing where she was. They would take her back into her apartment only to see her back out on the street again. One time she was carrying one shoe and had lost the other. Now if this kind of thing happens in the hospital that would be a good thing for her too. And us because they will see she can't be left on her own.

    She also seems to have taken up the habit of knocking on people's doors in the middle of the night saying there is a fire and people have to get out. Poor lady. She is 81 and not doing well and the alcohol only seems to make matters dangerous.

  • jamiebowers

    She may have alcohol related dementia, and if that's the case, it will be discovered at the hospital. And she's sure to have DT's if she doesn't have access to alcohol.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    whatever her problem it seems she was keeping the doctors busy at 1 am, I got a call from one of the doctors who wanted more info on why she has been admitted.

    The one night I decide to go to bed early!!!

    The doctor said there was another doctor with her and they had little idea what was going on. I was able to give them a bit more info about her wandering around not knowing where she was and her knocking on people's doors in the middle of the night yelling about a fire.

    Isn't it odd how now everyone has a story?

  • dinah

    Lady Lee, I'm glad you're safe. That is such a sad situation for that lady. She needs to be in an assisted living facility or something. She's clearly not able to care for herself anymore. Wonder why her daughter isn't taking better care of her?

  • mouthy

    Well thats a load off my mind.

    Good for you doing something about it.
    you are probably helping her as well as the other tenants to sleep
    See how useful you are!!!!Keep it up girl

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Biuts and pieces of news

    It seems her daughter has tried to get help but -, you know, social services tend to drag their tails if they think there is a family membver who is willing to take care of the senior. When they were taking her away the daughter thanked me for calling someone and trying to get something done. Sometimes a stranger outside the family can getthings done easier because the stranger cannot be told to take care of the problem.

    In the long run the family turning their backs on the situation might be the straw that gets this woman placed in supportive housing

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