Back at the meetings for the past couple of weeks...

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  • Heaven

    WTS talking points seem to solely revolve around simplistic and guilt inducing stories. Of course, I already knew that to be the case, but having been inactive for over three years, it really hit me just how cult-like the meetings really are.

    It was like this over 30 years ago. It never changes.

    I am leaving tomorrow to stay with my "worldly" friend and his wife. I plan to keep in touch with my family, but I just can't let them rule my life.

    I was only able to take so much myself. So I restricted my visits. I also let it be known through the family grapevine that if all they wanted to do was talk about Jehovah, I wasn't interested in visiting. That worked for a bit. Now, my father doesn't really have the mental capacity anymore to 'preach'. A lot of my family are gone now. And life goes on.

  • cameo-d

    Did you plant any seeds of doubt?

    Did you ask any questions outside the box that might give them real cause to examine the scriptures?

    Hopeful you can do some reverse missionary work while you visit around.

  • PrimateDave

    I found a place to work in another state. Interestingly, my accomodations are in easy walking distance to a local Kingdom Hall. I was wondering whether I should grow a beard and show up as a "worldly person"? Nah!

    It's nice to be back on the internet!


  • leavingwt

    Welcome back, Dave!

    Glad you survived the Kingdom Hall.

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