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  • feenx

    For those of us who were not able to celebrate birthday's growing up, do you find that in adult life you put a lot of emphasis on your birthday? It's personally my favorite celebration, second would be Thanksgiving but really only because I'm a sucker for lots of turkey and booze lol. Seriously though, since coming out birthday's have surprisingly become a very sacred thing to me. Has anyone had the same experience?

  • JWoods

    Herrod the Great, and John F. Kennedy...

  • PSacramento

    I can't see myself not celebrating the day the Lord blessed me with my little girls or the day my beloved wife was born.

    Mine on the other hand, I can do without, LOL !!

  • WTWizard

    I personally enjoy having the Christmas lights, in all their colors, up. Putting glitter, colored bulbs of red, green, silver, and gold, and tinsel garland along with these lights makes for a spectacular Christmas tree. And you can decorate the halls heavily, along with the outside. Sure makes up for the years of not being able to do it, plus it's a slap in the washtowel's face.

  • feenx

    You know WTWizard I am starting to look forward to that. Even since being out, I've never bought myself a Christmas tree. I recently got a new place with my GF and while she is not an xmas nazi by any means, she thinks it's really important for me to experience it, so she has said plainly she will be buying a tree and decorating this year. I am excited

  • boyzone


    Yeah I agree, I love christmas. As soon as I DA'd it was the first celebration that I went full tilt into. Love the twinkly lights and the warm smell of mulled wine. Yum!

    I felt like I had alot of years to make up for. Funny enough, my dub parents love it too, i can tell by their eyes. It makes them remember christmas when I was young (they became JW's when I was 15) and I can tell they miss it so much.

  • undercover

    I'm too old to want to see birthdays

    I don't care about xmas either. Not having any of the childhood memories or traditions leaves me a bit uncaring about the whole thing. I do like xmas parties and the spirit of the season.

    Thanksgiving hasn't changed much. Family and football.

    My favorite though is Halloween. I secretly liked it even as a JW, just never got to enjoy it, other than watching some scary movies. Now I go to parties in costume and help neighbors with decorations. I may one day even do up my own house and scare the kids when they come for candy (I don't now, cause other dubs live on my street...why mess up a good fade?)

  • twinkle toes
    twinkle toes

    I haven't celebrated one yet , But I'm thinkin about it.

    The kids definetly get excited and now they are the age where they know about it.

    I better get off the fence one side or another.

  • QuestioningEverything

    Yesterday was my first real birthday celebration! My Husband bought me a cake from my favorite bakery. My co-workers treated me to lunch and one of them even bought me a Papa Smurf!! It was a wonderful day.


    I Love BirthDays!

    Birthday Candles

    Birthday Cake



    Chop somebodys Head off!!


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