Gulper eels....why do teachers assign little kids "projects" that they know damn well the parent are going to have to do?

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  • SnakesInTheTower

    big tex:

    What pisses me off are the parents who do all the work and then step back and say their kid did it.

    not happening in this household.... the completed project will look like an 8 year old, albeit one in the gifted program, did it...because he will do matter how tired his mom and I are tonight... besides, the teachers know the difference between 8 and 42 YO work....

    I think kids should do more of these things....but at least in the early (before grade 6) year. By the time the kids get to middle/high school, then they should have absolutely no excuse for having any parental assistance, except for obtaining appropriate supplies at the store.


    If you do the work for him, he'll never learn to do it himself, which presumably is the point of this exercise.

    not going to do the work for him.... i will gather all of the needed supplies....provide support...but support does not include copying all of the facts..he has to type those himself (they said print or type..his handwriting dictates typing, which he is good at)...and he has to glue all of the cards, pictures, drawings, etc to the poster himself, decorate it himself, write up his presentation cards himself.

    If I hadnt did the "quick and dirty" searches myself, I would never have gotten on my own computer to do what I needed/wanted to do... (their computer is not hooked up yet..I have to go get the router today and get their computer here tomorrow...too late for the assignment...

    Snakes (Rich )

  • dinah

    The only time I really got mad about homework was when my daughter was in the 4th grade. She would have sometimes 2-3 hours of it. The teacher hadn't explained crap just sent it home with a textbook for Mom to do. On a busy night with tons of homework, I asked my daughter what they had done at school. She said they had watched a Disney video because the teacher was busy doing something (can't remember what it was now).

    The school got a call on that one.

  • snowbird

    Yeah, Big Tex.

    I remember the kids were supposed to make and decorate a cake for a raffle. The kids, I say.

    One child came in with a cake done up so well that everyone knew she couldn't have done it.

    My daughter did one that was so lopsided it would have shamed the Tower of Pisa, but it was her cake.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Good for you. Our kids did their own projects, we helped of course but they did the work, and the end project looked like it was done by a child. Not so the majority of other kids. The vast majority looked like they were done by an adult and some looked like they were professionally done. Parents probably spent big bucks to get that A for Junior.

    And yeah the teachers know. But they don't care.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    big tex:

    Parents probably spent big bucks to get that A for Junior.

    nope...Ijust spent all of a whopping $2.16 on two pieces of poster board and a piece of foam board at Dollar Tree...I already have the index cards and everything else the 8YO needs... I will spend another 50 cents tops printing out the 2 pictures of the eel at the photo lab self-service machine.... saves on ink cartridges drink ink on color printers and because all I have is a B&W laser printer.

    The rest is on "Junior"

    Snakes (Rich )

  • yknot

    I love projects!

    The ability to start and finish things is all to important in developing into a balanced productive member of society!

    So that we are all on the same page....I give you the 'gulper eel'

    I know it isn't the most opportune time for yall as a couple but what a great memory for him to have of yall working together!

  • AuntBee

    OH, a few of my huge pet peeves. Homework for parents! ROFL. HATE it. And i agree with Big Tex, let them do it on their own , regardless of how it turns out. (of course i would answer questions, give suggestions, etc.!!)

    Helicopter parents? Oh, so annoying. They are doing their kids NO favors in the long run. Very dysfunctional. Keeps them very babyish. yuk. Sometimes they fail. Sometimes they have teachers they can't figure out, even when they try hard. And almost ALWAYS there are people smarter than them! Welcome to life.

    My son just started high school, and i said to him, You want to be a commercial pilot. ASU has a great program, but i'm sure you need pretty good grades. Good luck, its up to you. -- I also dislike the computer thing the schools do, where you can check every day on their grades, assignments, etc. I guess ok for problematic situations, but it fosters that over-involvement.

    Studies show that "straight A's " are actually no indicator of future success. Some of that can be a very motivated/smart kid, but a lot of it is parent-enabled, or parent driven, they need it to please the parents. Besides, almost everyone gets A's most of the time now, so i'm not sure what it even means any more! Big time grade inflation compared to when i was in school. Classes are dumbed down too. Let's just say, physics is not what it used to be.

    As you can see, i have a lot of opinions on this. hehe.

  • JeffT

    FYI my daughter has a friend with a degree from NYU. He's a nice guy, but neither my daughter or meself think he learned a thing there. He downloaded all his papers etc from the net.

  • yknot

    oops I forgot they are two groups of gulper eels.....There is also Saccopharynx ampullaceus:

  • snowbird

    Amen, AuntBee.

    I'll never forget my little used-to-be-smart-in-school granddaughter informing me that a boy! (gasp) in her class was as smart as she!

    The absolute astonishment in her face and voice was priceless!



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