Its Sunday AM in the USA. Where are all the JW's?

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  • dissed

    "Are you ready for some football?! Are you ready to party?!....."

    These lyrics of song uttered by Saint Hank Williams, as he is known to American NFL footbal fans, are more than just a song this morning. They are revered by 1,000's of USA JW's who will find excuses, not to attend Watchtower studies across the land.

    "Honey, I think the kid is coming down with the Flu. You go to the meeting, I will volunteer to stay home with him."

    For many of these Religio-Football Fanatics, its the dawn of a new day. A new day of the "sacred" NFL Football season. What could be more important than the opening kick off of the new season?

    In Kingdom Halls throughout the land, attendance will be down. Today, there are only two kinds of JW's. Those who stayed home to see their team, and those wishing they stayed home to see their team.

    Before Satan invented DVR's, faithful JW's that still went to meetings, because they had to. (example: like CO visiting, or you were giving the Public Talk) Used radios from their cars to check on scores. I can still remember vividly the speaker, right after his talk coming to me, the sound servant and asking. "What's the score?"

    Understanding the importance of the Big Game, one CO started his final service talk with this question. (I swear on a stack of Watchtowers, this is the truth.) "Does anyone know the score?" You could see why the WTS appointed this man CO, he was smart. He knew, no one would pay attention to his talk if they were distracted with the game.

    Amazingly, a bold and foolish MS raised his hand. (the Elders were to smart to raise the hands on this one, even though they new the score. This is why they are Elders and no longer MS's)

    He gave the score and we all laughed. The CO said thank you, and then said he wanted to see him after the meeting. We all laughed again thinking he would be counseled, but really the CO only wanted the updated highlights.

    Whether it be American Football, "Real Futbol" or Rugby. You know what I'm saying is true. To the JW's, the Kingdom is first and formost, except "On any Given Sunday"

  • God_Delusion

    I don't go meetings anymore. Instead, I stay in and watch Premier League highlights.

    Life is bliss.....don't waste it going to cultfests.

  • cantleave

    Stayed at home to watch the Italian Grand Prix today (rooting for Button....................never mind he's still leading the championship)

  • trueblue

    Sorry I am not much into sports. Darn it, I would have made a good athlete too.

    There is an Octoberfest every year, and at this particular fest on Sturday evening I seen many JW's @ the beer tent, then the following Sunday morning no one had comments for the WT study. The elder kept giving speech's for weeks on how to study, and be prepaired for WT studies like no one knew how to study. I don't think he ever knew that nearly everyone was @ the beer tent that eve.

  • dissed

    I've been at the "Altar of my TV" doing supplication all day and.........loving it with NO guilty conscience. (not that I ever did before)

  • WTWizard

    I am not that much into sports, but I still don't like wasting my time going to the Kingdumb Hell.

    As for the flu, all I need is to wake up a little tired (or lie and tell them that I am a little tired), and use that as my "Swine Flu". Just thinking I might be coming down with swine flu is enough--all I need is a "swine flu" that lasts from 9 AM until the boasting session is ready to start on Sunday, and from 6:30-7 PM when the evening boasting session is ready to start, and I have the excuse to miss the boasting session.

    When the hounders come, just tell them that you really thought you were getting the beginning of swine flu. If they tell you that you need a fever, fracture, or your funeral to be excused, just bear in mind that you could give everyone in the whole congregation swine flu long before having the needed fever, and you are not going to get a fracture from swine flu. And, if that doesn't do it, next time it's bird flu.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    ya know, it's been years since the english congregation has knocked on my door

  • blondie

    Do they play football in the ams on Sundays now? The Packers game was on last night. Sports on tv means money and most people watch tv in the evening. College games can be mostly Saturday afternoons or evenings if teams drawing a big audience. If it is an assembly weekend, you can find brothers out in their cars listening to the game.

  • dissed


    I'm a West Coaster. For us, most of the games started at 10 AM on Sunday. Just like yesterday, most of the NFL games played in the AM.

    The experience I related with the CO was when our meeting was in the afternoon. I got to know him well and he actually was a big sports fan. His fav team was the Dodgers and would take in games on occassion.

    He told us he went with 2 other CO's to Dodger Stadium for old time sakes. They were Dodger fans while serving at Brooklyn Bethel in the 1950's. The fans started to do the 'wave' that scared the other CO's and they left the game. haha

    We also had some big Dodger fans in our Hall. One time we organised a Sunday tail gate party. At least 30 skipped the meeting to go. JG punished us as one bro said. Our team lost.

    George Couch told a story that when they were making the 107 building at Bethel, good size crowds would show up to work on Sundays. On one Sunday the crowd was very small and why? The Big Game.

  • blondie

    My husband said they just taped them and did not listen to the radio on the way home or any sports news. Before DVDs or videotapes it was difficult. It was sparse during big games. I forgot that the games start earlier on the west coast. I wonder if they flipped to see which elder got stuck with the public talk and WT study.

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