What Gives you Peace of Mind Now?

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  • cameo-d

    For those who have had years of panic induced by WT teachings and scare stories, how have you resolved having those feelings of impending doom?

  • Satanus

    The first step is deconstructing all false wt negative scenarios, armageddon, deomns, angry jehovah, judgement day, etc. Secondly, find a way to deal w panic when it takes over your mind. When you find yourself in panic, you could stop and trace it back to the very first thought that set it off. Analyse that thought for as long as you can. Also, you could learn meditation. It calms the mind. Thirdly, start doing things that you enjoy. Being busy DOES help.


  • misguided

    I have found that it just resolves over time. When the panic moments arise, you know some natural disaster/world event can set it off...just think...would you really want to be spending eternity like the JWs are living their lives now???

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    When I first starting having doubts I was very scared ........maybe I was wrong and everything that was taught at the hall was correct .

    The thing was internally I just knew something was not right . I had been a witness, born in, and was 44 yrs old ,and had not been happy for a very long time . Small things over the yrs had me questioning if the witness control over our personal lives was really approved by God . When we studied the Greatest man book I remember thinking Jesus was soo different than how the 'brothers' and slave treated the flock . The control and hypocrisy with in the congregation just became to much . So when I left I still felt the witnesses maybe were right it was just I couldn't stand living that way .

    What finally helped relieve my mind and bring peace was reading Ray Franz books . This man had been painted as an egotistical ,hate filled , man of contention . How totally wrong those character assassinations had been . I found reading his books were of a very humble man that stated facts and never once forced his own opinion upon the reader . It cleared up so many questions for me on how this organization began and was managed . Taking away the mystry of 'Gods Organization " on the Earth ,caused my own anxieties to evaporate . I found peace of mind now knowing this was just another man made religion that just happens to have a gift of high pressure mind control over it's congregates .

    Time also helped bring peace of mind . Over time I felt my mind was free to consider other points of view because i was no longer filling it with reading Watchtower propoganda and reinforcing it with weekly meetings.

    It is a wonderful feeling to have that heavy weight lifted off my shoulders . I don't worry all the time any more . I feel free to live my life .

    Is it easy ??? No because freedom is not free . However it IS worth the cost .

  • ldrnomo

    1. When I get up in the mornings, I don't feel guilty about how I'm going to spend my day.

    2. My Son, Daughter in law, and granddaughter are going to fewer and fewer meetings.

    3. My beautiful wife of 40+ years who is my best friend and companion.

    4. My Glock 17



    Cold beer..

    Conversations with friends..

    cold beer..

    living in the wilderness..

    cold beer..

    spending time with my pets..

    cold beer..

    Family gatherings..

    cold beer..


  • coffee_black

    Time spent with family and friends, a one on one relationship with God, helping others, art, music, walking through the woods or by the ocean, breathing mountain air, travel, reading, cooking and baking, history, geneology, learning new things..and the time to experience all these things and more.... connecting with all that gives meaning to life. Finding my own identity and being true to it. My life finally fits me.

    I've been out officially since '93. It has taken a long time to get to this place. Had to work through all the garbage first...but that's what released the hold the wt had on me. It was well worth the effort.


  • chickpea

    deciding what is a priority in my life....
    not letting some out of touch geriatrics
    who have all their needs and wants paid for
    decide how my time should be spent....

    that unloads a lot of anxiety!

  • journey-on
    4. My Glock 17

    LOL...good one.

    My peace of mind comes from knowing that all is as it should be. Life is hills and valleys and I've lived long enough to know that if you are in a valley, just keep moving, and eventually you will come out of it. We are supposed to have challenges to face. Those don't define us, however. It's how we meet those challenges and deal with them that builds our character and adds to our soul growth. Though painful, I look at each one and do what I can to get through it righteously and learn from it. Then wait for the next one...lol

  • Joshnaz

    The one thing that gives me peace of mind is the thought that I can give my family a lifestyle that is normal. With lots of love. I dont have the WBTS to tell me what I can or can't do. I don't have to worry about what others think. I don't have to worry about wheather God accepts me or not because I know he does. I have the peace of mind now of what is right in Gods eyes and know the diffrence of the eyes of God and the eyes of the GB. I have the peace of mind that life outside JW's there is alot of good people and good friends. Mostly I have the peace of mind that you don't have to be a Witness in order to matter to God, but God loves everyone.

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