Hitler Stalin and King David...all guilty of genocide and War crimes!!!!

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  • dissed

    Read all of King David's accounts, especially how treachously he treated those who even helped him when Saul was chasing him. And then if you REALLY want to see what type of guy he is, re-read the Bathsheeba account.

    If Elders followed JG's example with David, and how he dealt with him over transgression, it would be IMPOSSIBLE to kick someone out.

    "Okay, you raped your neighbors wife and then killed her husband. And so tell us agian, why are you wasting our time? Come back when you REALLY have done something wrong!"

    But noooooooo! How do they treat the poor victim?

    "You did what sister?!! You went to the Police and told them YOU were molested with only ONE witness!!! Jesus, Joseph, and Mary! You disgust me!"

  • glenster
  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    "God Delusion"......Jehovah made the first sword......My GOD your right!

  • JustHuman14

    This is nothing comparing to what we read in the Book of Numbers. I don't recall the chapters since I don't have a Bible but you can easily search about it.

    In one occasion the God of Israelites demands from the armed forces when they entered in a conquered (city and this atrocities are vary from nation to nation) to do the following:

    1.Either to kill the ALL including infants and animals and destroy their belongings and their gold

    2.Either to kill including infants and animals a keep the belongings

    3.Or to KILL all MALES including infants, kill all women who are not virgin(how can you define a virgin woman in a time of war, specially if she is quite young?)and also keep the female infants.

    4.In some occasions God demanded to demolish the City and in some other cases not

    If this is not war crime then what it is? The Hellenic nation knows from first hand genocides and war crimes that Turkey commited against us, and Turks acted like the Israel Nation. Actually it is called GENOCIDE to 1.5 million Armenians 0.5 million Greeks in Asia and 1 million Assyrians just to establish their Othoman nation in the early 20th century.

    I'm very sensitive in this kind of behaviour, but I cannot accept that God really told to the Israelites to do those GENOCIDES and war crimes. If it was really God's command then who will save us from this kind of God?

    And I guess JW's have simmilar attitude of a God commiting the GREATEST GENOCIDE in history by wipping out from the face of the Earth 97% of humans.

  • glenster

    I don't like anyone being hurt or killed in the name of a belief or non-belief
    outlook, either, and there's been too much of both. I wouldn't settle for any-
    thing less than God telling me Himself before I did different (it's never come
    up), but there should be a distinction that it's not a problem for the God con-
    cept itself.

    Without getting into the explanations again, it deals with God's prerogative.
    He isn't meant as an all-beneficent God or we'd all live in heavenly circum-
    stances forever but we all die and some under pretty bad circumstances. The best
    you can do is be glad for your shot at life and what good you found in it (like
    Job), etc. That He has us all die I think is a bigger issue than anything else
    about battles or Revelations but is fair game as part of the concept of His
    prerogative, etc.

    Another part of the prerogative can be thought of in three tiers of beings--
    that people are much lesser beings to God than animals are to people (an ad-
    mittedly bad analogy since people don't have God's prerogative). A person might
    love a pet dog (similar to a case of God taking someone to heaven) but think
    nothing of having a hamburger (though if the cow could talk it might make a case
    about people like some of those above about God). They never consider themself
    a murderer that needs to be executed as if they did that to someone on their
    tier of being. A person might not want any pets or ever rescue an animal from a
    shelter or medical lab yet be entitled to think they're a nice person. They
    think it's their prerogative. It's sort of like that.

    We can't test an ancient example, and maybe a person wants to have faith in
    that God or not. But in a present day example (someone executed for changing
    their faith in certain Muslim countries, whatever persecution or death from
    whichever belief or non-belief stance about the others), I'd want those who
    claim God wants it to happen to let us see God make an announcement that He
    wants it to happen or knock it off. And, again, I think it's wrong because I
    haven't seen that happen.

  • thx144000

    He used to suck ass. But then the GB declared it an act of adultery...

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