My witness mum sent a birthday card.

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  • creativhoney

    well if there is a congregation contest for shunning I am sure my family will win.

    only my mother has been friends with a worldy for as long as I remember. - the lady in question has terminal cancer and so its a good reason for my mum to be a good christian friend.

    mums friend is also mine though I am DFd she never took sides, until now its been a year and she didnt think my mother would be capable of carrying out the shuning to this extent. - she has lost a lot of respect for her.

    today mums friend (and mine) phoned me, I asked what she had been up to how she was. - she said she had been celebrating the big 50.

    she said she recieved a moonpig card from my mum saying you know I dont celebrate birthdays but I feel I must acknowledge this milestone in your life...

    no matter how you put it she acknowledged Anns Bday with a card. - if she can do that why does she shun me?

    It hurt me a lot.

  • journey-on

    Maybe she is softening in her "old age". On her next birthday, why don't you send her a card with the same message!

    It hurt me a lot


    This sham of a religion tears families down in the name of God! As one gets older, you realize even more how short life is and how valuable the people in your life are to you. Maybe this is happening to your mom and you will be the next one to get a "happy b'day" from her.

  • creativhoney

    I hope so but i doubt it. I know she shouldnt be sending them. thr worldling isnt as wise.

  • BabaYaga

    I'm so sorry, Honey.

  • JWdaughter

    You oughta send her one with the exact same message on her next birthday.

  • dissed

    she said she recieved a moonpig card from my mum saying you know I dont celebrate birthdays but I feel I must acknowledge this milestone in your life...

    That is exactly what I did to my older Non-JW brother when he turned 50. He was surprised and told the rest of the Witness family. "___wished me a happy Birthday!" haha

    My wifes biggest complaint about JW's. Its what they do to families. DF'd or not, they separate them.

    My wife told me she was shopping for my Birthday gift today at the Dept store (I guess no surprise tomorrow)

    A clerk, who was a witness said "Hi" and asked if she could help. My daughter said, (and knew exactly what she was doing) "its my dad's birthday!" The Witness's face went blank. lol

    What IS wrong with sharing the joy of someone's birth? You tell me.

    Wish you the best with your mum creative honey.

  • quietlyleaving

    wow creative honey. Jehovahs wintesses can rationalize all sorts of things when they want to but can be downright mean when it comes to family who are given the caption "disfellowshipped". Send her a card for christmas but tongue in cheek cross off the merry christmas bit saying I know you don't celebrate christimas but I want to wish you well for the year end and the start of a new one.

    At the hall dubs were signing a huge goodbye card to the CO recently. There were lots of scriptures and Jehovahs blessings on it - well an inactive visitor put Best wishes to you on life's journey and signed her name

  • God_Delusion
  • xelder

    One time a few years back, I was serving as a temporary worker at Brooklyn Bethel. At lunch, I personally observed Sister Suiter (Grant Suiter's widow) exchange a "joke" birthday card with another sister. I kidded with them about it and I could tell it made them uncomfortable that I had seen them and they didn't know who I was or who I might tell. LOL

    As an elder, I received a couple "joke" birthday cards from other elders. My witness grandma used to call everyone in the family on their respective birthdays just to remind us of the day whe first met us.

    An elder in a congregation had an adopted child and they used to celebrate the day they adopted him. I used to joke with my wife that maybe JW's could celebrate "day we brought you home from the hospital" day with our kids. It wouldn't be a birthday, but it would mock the restriction.

    There is a very casual view of the restriction on Birthday celebration among JW's

  • xelder

    Grant Suiter was GB member - sorry for not clarifying that if someone didn't know

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