Belief in God, the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, and Fairy God Mothers

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  • frankiespeakin

    When we were a young child full of wonder at the world, so new, so innocent, we believed what ever mommy and daddy told us, if they said there was a tooth fairy why we believed it until we got older(hopefully) especially when we get our permanent teeth.

    Santa was probably discarded around the same time as the Tooth Fairy give or take a few years depending on gullibility or lack of it.

    Well lets face it we probably figured out the Easter Bunny first for the simple reason you only got some eggs,, which you can have any day of the week and you get to eat a lot of chocolate bunnies ears off not very pious mind you, nor do you fear the bunny might seek revenge for the impious act in some way like God might do remembering: the Ark and Ussa or Wassa or something. That definately should be considered as a contributing factor as to why and what order they get debuncked tooth fairy danta the benifit factor need to be brought in.

    God too has to go in time, eventually, just like not all at once and for everybody. Religion to control the mind is on a head on course with human species vastly excellerated enlightenment. Religion has to change in order to prolong its years with the species and have some power to control thought but soon as the human species grows in understanding its gotta happen God will be discarded just like the Easter Bunny,, ya know what I mean interesting to talk about, but just once and a while excluding history buffs of coarse.

  • glenster

    Probably not. It can be a deeply meaningful, important thing to a person. It
    was and will always be a choice whether or not to make a faith commitment, a
    hope in a possible God beyond the see-able, touchable, measurable things. Our
    understanding of those things change, and some interpretations, too. But some
    people will want to have faith just like some people will like a song though
    they can't prove to another logically the other has to or the other can prove
    logically the first one can't. You probably won't prove the Ark is in the hill
    or our understanding about the hill proves there's no God. Just don't be so
    'centric about whichever choice that you can't be friendly with any nice people
    different about it--nobody should get hurt or killed over this stuff--too retro.
    Some of either kind of people in some parts of the world need to relax about

  • jonathanconway

    I don't think spirituality or a deep inner awareness will ever die. It will become more important as time goes on.

    But the god of the christians, muslims, etc. doesn't have more of a future than Zeus or Thor. The more science discovers and explains about our world, the less places there are for this kind of god to hide.

  • blondie

    Wrong thread

  • glenster

    "The more science discovers and explains about our world, the less places
    there are for this kind of god to hide."

    The flaw in giving that as a certainty is that it forces an absolute whereas
    it can only be said of certain interpretations of writers (which is a Bible
    research and study issue) and not as an absolute about a possible God the
    writing is about:

    There were followers long ago with allegorical instead of literal interpreta-
    tions (such as regarding the first chapters of Genesis and how God brought the
    universe and life into being).

    Increasing knowledge of how expansive the universe is doesn't require us to
    think that God is less likely because the universe is increasingly thought to be
    useless to life because it's often thought we should look for life out there.

    There were interpretations that a verse is meant to represent things as the
    writer knew them and not as God would know them (such as claims about verses
    about a person not thinking someone could live beyond death, not knowing a
    later prophetic interpretation of a verse, or two writers each giving the number
    they thought were at a situation conceded to the higher number).

    Some interpretation differences are due to assuming God did or didn't inspire
    the verse (that the prophecy was made before or after the event it's about) or
    even forcing the point about contradiction when reconciliation is imaginable
    (Mark giving the time of the crucifixion by the Jewish method of a day starting
    at sunrise and John using the Greek method of a day starting at midnight, about
    accounts in Genesis--see above, etc.).

    There are translation and interpretation disputes (such as over the homosexu-
    ality issue or how to reconcile verses with each other or history).

    Claims such as of God healing through someone can't be proven wrong because
    the healer isn't available for testing and the claim is ultimately about a
    possible God that could do it.

    That God isn't meant as all-beneficent provider of heaven on earth has been
    apparent since back when the scriptures (such as some of the earliest, like Job)
    were first written by just looking around.

    Other than claims of direct experiences, belief in God was generally a matter
    of faith, which will remain possible

  • passwordprotected

    If children are the ones who tend to believe in Santa etc, why do so many adults - some of them are even intelligent - chose to believe in God?

  • frankiespeakin


    Hey, it is all faith whether its the tooth fairy or god. Beleif and faith go together just like soup&sandwich belief in something invisible with no hard evidence requires faith to keep it from being discarded.

  • frankiespeakin


    I guess parental&religious programming recieved as an infant run very deep in some people and even an understanding of science might not wrench it loose.

  • passwordprotected

    What about adults who were atheists or agnostic who later in life - without any parental influence - chose to belief in God?

  • frankiespeakin

    A rarity for sure but i'm sure they must exist,,I'm sure the reasons are much complicated in that rare case.

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