My JW mom and sister are attending a birthday party I'm hosting

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  • mouthy

    That is good news BB.Wish I had been invited

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    Well, I got an email the other day, seems like they can't make it after all. I shouldn't be surprised or disappointed, but I am. It's not the first time she's cancelled like this on me. So much for wanting to be a part of my life and to be included in things regardless of the religion t i(her words).


    On a brighter note, the pork looks and smells amazing. I put it on to smoke about 2am this morning and it's been slowly roasting ever since.

  • dissed

    Greenie - Toasting?

    Its one of those conscience matters, but you better not do it or you will get in trouble.

    We had a family reunion and we did some toasting. The JW's were trying to hide the fact they didn't but I (being the clever person I am) saw it and in front of everyone, forced then to clink the glasses. They did! haha

    They hate me for making them into hypocrites and am sure just can't wait to see me get it at Armeggedon.

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