scripturally free to remarry secret!!!

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  • awildflower

    Download BOE letters 1981 - 2006

    Ok, go to these letters. On the bottom of the page you can type in the page number you want so type in pages 180-182. It should be a letter to the BOE on remarriage. I've read it a dozen times and still don't quite get it and it doesn't sound like what I always thought were the rules. Very interesting though. If the page number thing doesn't work it is the July 20th, 1998 letter. I'd like to hear some

  • asilentone

    I cannot see awildflower's post, maybe I will see it like right now after this post.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    They were hoping they would get back together....killing each other is better then divorce!

  • jeanniebeanz

    It should be noted that if two or more credible eyewitnesses can confirm that the mate has stayed all

    night in the same house with a person of the opposite sex-(or a known homosexual) under improper circumstances, the elders may put the responsibility upon the innocent mate to decide if this is sufficient basis for him or her to obtain a divorce and marry another.

    Wow... what legalistic garbage... a lot of hanky-panky can take place in less than all night. This is just like them, they go waaaaayyy beyond what the bible says and cause heartache and trouble wherever they go. How stupid.

    I didn't see anything though that would say why they couldn't tell the 'innocent' partner that proof had been obtained that the 'non-innocent' partner had done the horizontal limbo. Unless they are going by this statement...

    It is the responsibility of the individual to produce convincing evidence to establish Scriptural freedom to remarry.

    If so, that is weak at best as a reason to delay releasing someone they know to be free in "God's eyes."


  • mentalclearness

    Same thing happened to a family member of mine. Her ex confessed and elders, who happened to be his buddies, kept it from her too. So when she finally decides to leave her husband because basically he was a drunk, hubby actually confesses to her! At least she was able to divorce and remarry. Anyways, justo goes to show all the "holy spirit" that is involved with those committee meetings!bv

  • wantstoleave

    My husband move to another country and its well over a year now and ive no clue if he has cheated or not, so I am sitting here in limbo...waiting to be scripturally free. It sux!!!!! I never thought the elders would keep information as important as that from the wife/husband. My elders seem very loving toward me and know my ex is a jerk, so I hope IF they find out he has cheated they let me know! But gosh, being in different countries? How on earth can I keep tabs on the jerk? He hasnt spoken to me in over a year. Had no idea he was leaving til he left.

  • donnye

    Listen up - I committed fornication but I, the guilty party, was the one to obtain a scriptural divorce, approved by the presiding overseer. Why? Because I used as my defence Questions from Readers w74 11/1. Basically if a spouse denies their unfaithful mate intimate relations for a considerable time, then this is evidence that he/she has not forgiven them at all. My divorce was scriptual because it was on the 'grounds of fornication' - MINE. I am even free to marry again in a kingdom hall if I like. Of course the pharisee type sisters are very jealous LOL. :-)

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