Brenda Lee, former Jehovah's Witness exposes Watchtower org. on national T.V.

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    I have seen a couple of her other videos: She has a nice succinct way with words and is able to see the humor in some situations which is a refreshing change. However, I think though that some of the things she criticizes the watchtower for are characteristic also of other fundamentalist religions are also guilty of: prime example: The smacking and hitting children to keep them quiet during meetings.

    In New Zealand, for example, the fundamentalist churches - evangelicals, pentecostals - are strongly supportive of the "right" of parents to discipline children by hitting them (or, euphemistically, "smacking" them). Hitting children is deplorable wherever it occurs and, sadly, JWs are one of many religions who fiercely defend the "right" of parents to hit children.

  • koolaid-man

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