Oct.15th WT GB Tells JW Rank & File-You are Our Belongings Stay Humble

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  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    I'll pm you flipper :))

  • LongHairGal

    Sorry, But nobody owns me. I feel my baptism or 'dedication' was predicated on a lie so it doesn't count anyway. I certainly didn't dedicate myself to some bait and switch organization.

    I guess they are getting anxious because people are leaving left and right.

  • Finally-Free

    If they "own" me, does that make them responsible for my upkeep? Are they responsible for any debt I incur? Or does this alleged "ownership" apply only when it's convenient for them?


  • DaCheech

    finally-free, you know how many times I felt like saying this to the elders making those "shepherding visits"!

    good ones, some people gotta get some balls and stick it to 'em

  • flipper

    ANGEL EYES- I PMed you some links to check out in regards to JW child abuse. Check your PM's . Peace.

    LONG HAIR GAL- I think the WT society IS getting anxious because people are leaving left and right as you stated. I think the lies and falsehoods we were told invalidates our baptisms also. I agree.

    FINALLY FREE- I agree ! I think the WT society should pay for our debts ! God knows we incurred enough of them trying to survive years in the cult and we were not allowed to go to college to educate ourselves to get a higher paying career . Yeah, I think the WT society owes us a lot.

    DACHEECH- I too felt like telling elders who made me feel materialistic by taking on more work just to provide for my 3 children - " Look, if you want to put food on my table for my children , only THEN will you have the right to tell me to slow down in my secular work ! Until you take THAT responsibility from me- I will work hard for my family ! " Bunch of jack - a$$e$

  • joelingeorgia

    i thought they said the preaching work was done.

  • flipper

    JOELINGEORGIA- They may have said the preaching work is done- but that won't stop the GB from letting witnesses know who is still in control, and who the boss is

  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to

    Flipper - your wish is my command! Here is a scan of the article.

    No No Hopscotch You don't have to obey Flipper either, Your free to think for yourself

  • flipper

    LUO BOU TO- I agree ! I want people obeying their own inner self and their own free thinking minds ! LOL! But I do appreciate your scan of the article Hopscotch ! But , Luo , since you bumped up on the thread I'll bump it up for any newbies that might not of seen it ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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