Oct.15th WT GB Tells JW Rank & File-You are Our Belongings Stay Humble

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  • flipper

    Thanks for all the great replies ! Been working a lot the last 2 days- finally have time to respond. If anybody has a scanner and can scan this article and post on this thread- I'd highly appreciate it ! I'm a computer dummy of sorts so any help is appreciated.

    HOMESCHOOL- It is like 2 steps forward and 3 steps back indeed. It's hard to convince witnesses it's all BS.

    OTWO- Good points. It's like they are telling the rank and file they are so incompetent that only because of God, er the WT society they are successful in their field service. It's like they WANT the rank and file witnesses to know the WT society owns them like slaves.

    MATTIEU- I hope it wakes up your JW wife ! That would be a good thing ! But the info will slip under the radar to many mind numbed and controlled witnesses.

    GREENIE- JW's aren't " normal humans " - that's why they accept this information. They are " programmed " and " mind controlled " like robots to accept this information. They are told by the WT society NOT to think for themselves.

    SSPO- We only obeyed the WT society because we were duped and deceived all those years - and made to live in FEAR of the WT society and what they'd do to us if we got out ! We were led to believe we were pleasing Jehovah- but we were only pleasing the needs of a magazine printing company. I agree that many enjoy staying in their mind controlled stupor - however it doesn't make it right or any less reprehensible and unjust how the WT society controls these people. It's still wrong - whether they ejoy it or not.

    ALMIGHTY HOMER- You are right- the WT society is exploitive and manipulative. They want the rank and file witnesses to think that THEY own them as slaves. And that witnesses can only find security and protection inside the organization. What a bunch of hogwash.

    PJSCHIPPER- Being DFed is NOT a good thing for anybody to go through or experience. I'm sorry you went through it ! We are NOT on the last lap - there is NO Armageddon or paradise . You were deceived like we ALL were as witnesses. I think you are a little too much under the influence of " holy spirit " or some other substance. You don't make a lot of sense.

    DARKLIGHTER- Good point you make. The WT society acts like WE are deficient and act like ONLY THEY can have an opinion. They incorrectly assume THEY are God actually.

    CAMEO-D- Good U-tube, thanks for posting.

    JW FACTS- Very true. Some JW's are better at starting Bible studies than others. Has nothing to do with the alleged " holy spirit " .

    OUTLAW- Yeah, I'd like to moon some GB members myself ! And kiss them off too ! Not to mention giving them the proverbial finger now and then !

    JEHOVAHSHEEP- I do think the WTS is losing control over some witnesses so they are trying to tighten the reins of control. All mind control cults do this when getting desperate.

    LUKEWARM- Probably why they wrote the article because they are having problems controlling people to KEEP them submissive.

    GUEST WITH QUESTIONS- Good quote of scriptures to show the WT society directly goes against what is written in the Bible. Thy twist it to their own interpretation.

    UNDERCOVER- I've put a call out and the word out to get somebody to scan or copy this for me.

    WT WIZARD- I agree. The WT society tries to control it's members like masters control their pet dogs. It's demoralizing for humans to be treated that way and stupid. I've actually seen dog owners treat their dogs better than the WT society treats the witnesses.

    SACOLTON- Exactly. JW rank and file are the " worker ants " and the GB is the " Queen ant " who sits on her a$$ while the worker ants do all the work ! Really riles me up.

    MONKEYMAN- I agree with you. I saw for many years being in the witness organization elders giving out their own opinions as advice to be followed - and those opinions were NOT in harmony with the WT teachings or ANYTHING written in the Bible. So, yes- they make witnesses feel guilty and wrong if they disagree with them. It's disgusting.

    JUST HUMAN 14- Yes- the GB is STILL screwing the control bolts tighter in controlling every aspect of witnesses lives ! It's just going to continue.

    HOPING 4CHANGE- These statements should gag people who think clearly- but JW's don't think clearly . Due to the mind controlthey are under they accept this drivel being handed down to them.

    ROCKETMAN- Exactly. A rock could deliver a field service presentation. The leaders of this WT cult are so condescending to their members - they don't value them at all

  • flipper

    Wanted to bump this thread up for some newbies who may not have seen it. This is the information being given to witnesses in the " witness only " Watchtower study in December. All comments welcome

  • Hopscotch

    If anybody has a scanner and can scan this article and post on this thread- I'd highly appreciate it !

    Flipper - your wish is my command! Here is a scan of the article.


  • bohm

    thanks for the scans!

  • DaCheech

    it's spinning out of control for the WTS, even though everyone seems faithful to them........ many are starting to enjoy life and do less service.

    many are enjoying life and not donating funds.

    the rest that are not life controlled are poor, miserable, or depressed

  • flipper

    HOPSCOTCH- Thanks for the scan sis ! I appreciate it as I'm sure others do.

    DACHEECH- You are right. It really IS spinning out of control for the WTS - though they'll never admit it. I think lots of witnesses are donating less, not as much field service, and enjoying life more by missing mind control meetings. I hope this trend continues

  • Hopscotch

    Flipper - you're welcome

    By the way did anyone notice this in para 15 under the heading Fellow Feeling.

    "Read Romans 12:15. Paul's counsel in this verse can be summed up in two words: Show empathy. We need to learn to understand and even share another persons feelings, whether joy or sadness. If we are aglow with the spirit, our feelings of shared joy or compassion will be evident."

    Romas 12: 15 says

    15 Rejoice with people who rejoice; weep with people who weep. (NWT)

    Isn't this another evidence of the WTS's blatant hypocrisy. That scripture does not say Rejoice with fellow JWs ........., it says people, in other words fellow human beings. Those of us who have walked away from the JW religion (cult) are still people but what compassion or fellow feeling is shown towards us. We are cut off by our families and told we are dead in their eyes.

    And what compassion has been shown by the WTS to the thousands of children who have been molested by JW pedophiles over the years. In many cases the children and their parents were treated as wrongdoers for even making an accusation against these evil ones. The pedophiles were the ones given the protection while the children suffered, and in many cases these children tragically ended their own life.

    And what compassion is being shown by the WTS towards all those loyal WTS followers who had to bury their child or spouse because of the flip flop on the organ transplant policy.

    And where is the compassion of the WTS towards the millions of its members who followed the advice (command) given in the Awake of 1969 that "If you are a young person, you also need to face the fact that you will never grow old in this present system of things.", and then the article then went on tell the young ones of 1969 that there is no need to go to college or pursue a career as the system may well be finished within four to six years. 40 years later those young ones and their families have mostly been condemned to a life of struggle because of not getting a good education. And what about all those elderly JWs who are facing the reality that they have grown old and are dying when all their lilfe they were told by the WTS that they would never grow old or die.


  • flipper

    HOPSCOTCH- You make some very good points. The lack of compassion shown by the WT society to child abuse victims has been criminal. And the deception of people telling them Armageddon is coming all these years - when nothing has happened or will happen is criminal also. People have put careers, college education, and lives on hold for the sake of the deceptions of the WT society. They should be sued for fraud and deception

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    hi flipper...when you say child abuse victims do you mean those who were abused within the faith or outside the truth but then became witnesses?? hope that makes sense...x

  • flipper

    ANGEL EYES- Yes, I'm talking about how the WT society has treated child abuse victims " within the faith " inside the witness organization, yes I mean that precisely. They have treated the victims in a criminal fashion. You probably aren't aware of this- or been told this from your elders or the WT society - but some child abuse victims were actually disfellowshipped for reporting their child abuse to the police which abuse they received within the organization . And some JW family members were DFed for reporting crimes to the police as well. Shocking ? Yes indeed. Surprising ? No, not at all. The WT society in the last 15 years or so has done everything it can to prevent thousands of child abuse cases from being known publicly. Barbara Anderson has done an outstanding job at exposing the real light on hidden cases of child abuse offenses - yet she was DFed by the WT society for doing so. And the reason ? The WT society is more concerned about it's alleged respectability to the public and it's members - than protcting innocent children in the congregation from becoming new victims of roving child molesters who go from congregation to congregation. And that is a fact. I suggest you inform yourself by researching it . Peace out, MR. Flipper

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