What do non witnesses actually think about the evil practice of disfellowshipping?

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  • dutchstef

    When I was was df'd my JW sister still talked with me and came to my house even go out in public with me. Untill she got married. Her husband forbid her to talk with me... so from one day to another I suddenly didn't hear anything from my sister without an explanation.

    Than two years later she moved to a house a couple of streets from my house( my mother told me). Because of the fact that I knew I was gonna bumb in to her on the street for sure, I called her up and asked her to have a talk with me because it would be akward if we would bumb in to eachother with out at least some explanation from her.

    At first she said okay, but than an hour later she called me back and told me she had to ask her husband first. Ofcourse he told her no. She didn't call me to say she couldn't....I had to call her and ask... Than I told her that because she could not even bring up the respect to have one conversation with me face to face, her own brother... that I found this so humiliating and disrespectfull, that I was gonna treat her the same way she teated me and shun her. Untill she found the respect to have a conversation with me......

    That's still the situation up to today.... But it does help me dealing with it....

    Another thing I do and this you must realy try...it can be fun.... do the one thing they don't expect!! When I see a JW on the street in the cinema or anywhere First I realy enthousiastic from a distance shout "hello"to them waving and than I walk to them and start a conversation. The reactions are fantastic, I scarred the hell out of some of them..they almost crap their pants. Some of them I said hello to, now try to hide when the see me... Believe me It's good therapy...this way you feel yourself superior evolved above those brainwashed JW's

  • carla

    When I tell people about the practice they are horrified and shocked. Then they don't believe me and I tell them to check it out themselves, for a while I used to carry one of the wt quotes with me about df-ing and not having contact with those who don't live with you. Some can kind of understand the df-ing of adults for certain things but don't understand the absolute shunning lasting forever. Minor children being shunned in their own home they consider abuse.

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