Tonight I hid in the pet food section at the grocery store

by JerkhovahsWitless 19 Replies latest jw friends

  • undercover

    You have a flair for story telling...

    but this is a sad story to relate.

    Why do you need to hide from someone in a grocery store? If you had outstanding warrants for your arrest and there's a cop in there, yea, I can see it, but to hide from religious zealots is a bit much. You have as much right to shop there as they do. Be a man and do your shopping without fear.

    But if you're gonna hide, hide in the beer and wine aisle and hope they're doing wine tasting. Much better than Kibbles n Bits.

  • vilot

    About a year after I DA'd myself I was walking into a store when from the parking lot I hear my name called out, I stopped and heard my name called out again...I turn to see an Elder from my old hall waving smiling and walking toward many thoughts ran thru my head in that split second, should I talk to him, flee like a fool etc...I caught his eye for a moment turned and walked into the store...OH how well they taught me to shun...

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Ya gotta just ignore them or have a little fun. I've bumped into an elder that had boasted to his friends that if I was ever in his congregation, he would have DF'd me.

    Funny thing was when I ran into him at the mall, it was right before the announcement of the new BK arrangement. I walked up to him, saw him squirm. I said hi. He mumbled a few half words. I mentioned how interesting it will be now that the BK is gone. Now he looked shocked. I smiled and said have a nice day. I knew there wasn't sqwat he could do and HE was clearly unnerved by it all

  • wobble

    Sometimes I just cannot face some of them,just the mood I am in at the time,or perhaps lack of time.

    The other day at the Doctors I spent a bit of time reading a notice so that I would not have to talk to a Bro. he is a great guy, but not one I could easily answer when he asks why I don't go anymore.So I guess I hid too.

    Most times I just pass the time of day and that is it,some I have left with a difficult question, they promise to get back to me but never do.



  • chickpea

    i will dodge and detour
    but i bluddy well wont hide

    funny narrative but if the
    scenario is even remotely
    accurate, stop giving them
    that power! crikey, just stick
    iPod earbuds in your ears
    even if you are not listening
    to anything!!!!!

  • poppers

    I agree with chickpea. Without saying a thing to you or even seeing you they got you to completely alter the way you conduct yourself because you have given them power, power that they don't really have. Why recognize a power that is actually nonexistent?

  • moshe

    Sorry they have you running for cover- back in the days, 20 some years ago, the JW's were hiding from me in the grocery store. I have mentioned before how a sister was bent over in the frozen food up to her neck in frozen veggies or was it french fries?- anyway she tried to hide from me- didn't work, so when she came up for air, I was just standing there waiting to give her a big hello- and what did she do?- why she just left a 3/4's full cart of groceries and slithered out of the store. Hope you can be yourself soon and not worry what some rinky-dink elder thinks about you.

  • JerkhovahsWitless

    I'd love to be able to scare JWs away by being the evil confrontational apostate, but currently my employment is by a JW. Also, I do IT work in my spare time and my customer base is 90% JW. Until my finances aren't dependent on the Witlesses, I have to keep playing the coward and avoid situations with ornery elders and their nutty wives.

    The couple in this story are dubs I've always tired to avoid at all costs within the Kingdumb Hell. Even when I went all the time. Actually, most of my friends I've talked to about them have confessed to trying to avoid them at the hall, too. Last night when I was hiding, I sent a text to my JW friend that they're in the store and I'm hiding. His reply was "She's freaking crazy!"

    My first ever encounter with that elder was before he went to my congo. My bible study and I were up late Saturday night, so we went to a later meeting on Sunday, which happened to be this jerk elder's meeting. After the meeting he introduced himself. I told him we went to another congregation, but were up late so we came here. Instead of saying it was good we did that instead of missing the meeting (I was around 19/20 and my study was 17, a lot of other things we'd rather have been doing Sunday then going to a meeting), he scolds me and my study telling us that we should go to sleep earlier so we can go to the congregation we're assigned.

  • WTWizard

    Confess if you have done anything "wrong"? I bet you haven't kidnapped any children to rape them (and hold the resulting children hostage, raping them as well) and enslave all of them. I also bet you haven't killed and eaten any babies. Both of which some witlesses have done (and made mainstream newspaper articles in doing so).

    And they are worried about you missing a few boasting sessions and not going out in field circus.

  • Heaven

    he scolds me and my study telling us that we should go to sleep earlier so we can go to the congregation we're assigned.

    To which I would have replied calmly.... "Well thank you for the advice. I'll just miss the meeting next time. Have a nice day." And walk away.

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