Does anyone know anything about the Gideons?

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  • arwen

    My husband has been invited to attend a retreat or something like that on the weekend.. sounds like an overnight thing.. We are a couple of friends that belong to this group... seems innocent enough to me but my RED FLAG went up and I am feeling very anxious about it. ..He says. they just place Bibles.. I said yeah,, that's what the JW's said.. Does anyone have any ideas about the Gideons?? Thanks

  • bluecanary

    I don't know anything about them. Steve Hassan has a list of questions to ask of any group to determine if they are legitimate or a high control group (cult).

  • Snoozy

    They sure been around a while...I remember their tiny Bibles in the motel rooms from when we attended assemblies in the 60's.. You could read them with the little bottles of Tiny Wine they served on the airlines in those days..

  • Snoozy

    I noticed as the years went along the bibles got smaller and smaller..even smaller than this...

    If they place the bibles free I wonder who funds them? The business men in the community possibly?

    Maybe that is what the meeting is about, they are seeking funds?

    The ones I saw were the New Testament " only.
    Do they print the Old and New testaments or do they just go by the New testament ?

  • thomas15

    I know a little bit about the Gideons. First, they are not a Church or denomination. They are a "para-church" group of men who distribute Bibles and New Testaments. The people that receive them are not asked for any money, rather the group is funded by donations from local church groups.

    In order to become a member, you have to already belong to a church (any evangelical protestant denomination), and be a businessman and agree with their doctrinal statement (which doesn't change and is easy to find for review). They do not recruit new members. In spite of what the WT says about itself, the Gideons distribute more Bibles than anyone else in the world, about 80 million last year, all free of charge.

    The Gideons is a great group. I do not belong to them although my church supports them. I would guess that the retreat mentioned in the OP is just that , a time for men to get together, fellowship, eat food, hear from the word. If a Gideon asked me to go on one of their retreats, I would go in a heart beat.

    There are no parallels between the WT and the Gideons except both distribute Bibles. They are not a cult in any way, shape or form.

    Hope this helps,


  • carla

    Tom's right. All hotels that have bibles in the drawers were placed by the Gideons. I suppose jw's frown on the non NWT bibles in hotels but still do not place any themselves.

  • JWoods

    I know that Rocky Racoon slunk back to his room - only to find Gideon's Bible.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    You gotta be rich, in business and a man to become an actual Gideon!

    They're ok as a group re the work they do, but their 'articles of association' are stuck in the 19th century!

    They place Bibles in many places - hotels, hospitals, prisons, schools etc.

  • Witchettygrub

    Over here (Australia) placing Bibles is banned. You bring your own if you are going into hospital.

    Last motel I stayed in, I looked in the bedside table - no Bible.


  • TheSilence

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