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  • alanv

    Sorry booby for not realizing it was a cut and paste job. I should have known anyone on this site would never be that stupid. You are so right what you say about Ray, I haven't yet heard anybody give proof that anything he said was a lie.

    Thanks too to Trevor for the youtube video. Jws will try anything to try and make a case for a knowledgeable governing body. Of course they always fail miserably.


    Franz was accepted by Rhodes..But..Never attended Rhodes..


  • glenster

    Fred Franz--a few highlights of one of the few of the 144,000--Prophet of

    1944 The fall of Jerusalem was moved back one year from 606 to 607 BC. ("The
    Kingdom is at Hand," 1944, pp.171-175) Don't you kids try that at home. This
    made it suit the time that was given for the start of the Gentile Times--moved
    from 606 BC to 607 BC in 1943.

    LAWYER: At any rate, Jehovah God is now the editor of the paper, is that
    F.FRANZ: He is today the editor of the paper.
    LAWYER: How long has he been editor of the paper?
    F.FRANZ: Since its inception he has been guiding it.
    LAWYER: Even before 1931?
    F.FRANZ: Yes, sir.

    1986 "Would That All Were Prophets! You will be interested to learn that God
    has on earth a people, all of whom are prophets, or witnesses for God. In fact,
    they are known throughout the world as Jehovah's Witnesses." ("Awake!" June 8,
    1986, p.9)

    "What is required if one is to become an approved associate of Jehovah's Wit-

    "Such a person must accept the entire range of Bible teachings, including
    those Scriptural beliefs that are unique to Jehovah's Witnesses." ("The Watch-
    tower," April 15, 1986, p.31)

    Prediction about the end of the millennium:

    1989 "The apostle Paul was spearheading the Christian missionary activity.
    He was also laying a foundation for a work that would be completed in our 20th
    century." ("The Watchtower," January 1, 1989, p.12)

    Later that year it was decided that the wrong supernatural voice gave that
    advice and to deny and cover up having ever listened to them:

    1989 "We have ample reasons to expect that this preaching will be completed
    in our time. Does that mean before the turn of a new month, a new year, a new
    decade, a new century? No human knows.." ("The Watchtower," October 1, 1989)

    "20th century" of the Jan.1, 1989 tract was re-written as "day," without an
    editor's correction note, for the JWs bound collection of tracts:

    1989 "The apostle Paul was spearheading the Christian missionary activity.
    He was also laying a foundation for a work that would be completed in our day."
    ("The Hand of Jehovah Was With Them," "The Watchtower," Jan. 1, 1989, p.12)

    Special knowledge about earthquakes:

    "In comparison with the previous 2,000 years, the average per year has been 20
    times as great since 1914." ("Reasoning from the Scriptures," 1985, p.236)

    How to show a kid you love them with a birthday party:

    "This tragedy can be avoided with proper teaching from as early in the in-
    fant's life as possible...the chapter explains that the only two birthday par-
    ties mentioned in the Bible were celebrated by pagans, who did not worship Jeho-
    vah, and that at each party 'someone's head was chopped off.' (Mark 6:17-29;
    Genesis 40:20-22) How can you use this information to reach your child's
    heart?" ("The Watchtower," Aug.1, 1988, pp.13,15)

    Ooo--I feel all warm and gooey inside.

    Accurate knowledge proves the existance of Satanic atheistic fossil links,
    Satanic atheistic medical use of blood and major blood fractions, Satanic
    atheistic Civil Service dentists, and that all non-JWs preachers are Satanic and

    "The faith of Jehovah's Witnesses is under attack from all sides--by the
    clergy of Christendom who hate the Kingdom message we take from house to house,
    by apostates who collaborate with Christendom's clergy, by medical authorities
    who want to impose blood transfusions on us and our children, by atheistic
    scientists who reject belief in God and the creation, and by those who try to
    force us to compromise our neutrality. All this opposition is orchestrated by
    Satan, the ruler of darkness and ignorance, the enemy of accurate knowledge."
    ("The Watchtower," Dec.1, 1989, p.12)

    "Who are you going to believe--me or your own eyes?" (Groucho Marx):

    "So the expression 'every eye will see him' means that everyone will then"
    (1914) "understand or recognize that Christ is present" ("Paradise," 1982, p.
    146) (The JWs leaders maintained the Nelson Barbour view that Russell main-
    tained about Rev.1:7.)

    It's generally thought that the Shema, prayer, and worship were a few of the
    most important ways 1st cent. Jews showed belief in the one God.

    This is a Satanic apostate lie. Actually, a distinguishing feature of 1st
    cent. Jews is that they beat people to death with rocks if they thought they saw
    an angel:

    "To whom should prayers be addressed?

    "The Bible book of Hebrews speaks of a person that 'approaches God.' (Hebrews
    11:6) Who is this God? There is but one almighty God, though there are many man-
    made and false gods. (1 Corinthians 8:5, 6) The almighty God of the Bible is
    named Jehovah. (Psalm 83:18) He is the Creator of all things, and for this
    reason prayer should be directed only to him. ("The Watchtower," March 15, 1988,

    "But what about the apostle Thomas' saying, 'My Lord and my God!' to Jesus at
    John 20:28? To Thomas, Jesus was like 'a god,' especially in the miraculous
    circumstances that prompted his exclamation. Some scholars suggest that Thomas
    may simply have made an emotional exclamation of astonishment, spoken to Jesus
    but directed to God."

    The NWT (Fred Franz, editor) re-wrote "Lord" as "Jehovah" at Acts 2:21, Rom.
    1:13, etc.

    "And they went on casting stones at Stephen as he made appeal and said: 'Lord
    Jesus, receive my spirit.' Then, bending his knees, he cried out with a strong
    voice: 'Jehovah, do not charge this sin against them.' And after saying this
    he fell asleep [in death]." (Acts 7:59,60, NWT)

    People who want JWs to be helped with the medical use of blood and major blood
    fractions are sexual brutes. Flee from their grubby grasps even if you have to
    suffer for the sake of righteousness:

    " force blood on a Christian would be the equivalent of forcible sex--
    rape." ("How Can Blood Save Your Life?" 1990, pp.4,8,14,20,22,27)

    "How strenuously should a Christian resist a blood transfusion that has been
    ordered or authorized by a court? God's law must be obeyed! ...if a court-
    authorized transfusion seemed likely, a Christian might choose to avoid being
    accessible for such a violation of God's law.... If a Christian did put forth
    very strenuous efforts to avoid a violation of God's law on blood, authorities
    might consider him a lawbreaker or make him liable to prosecution. If punish-
    ment did result, the Christian could view it as suffering for the sake of right-
    eousness." ("The Watchtower," June 15, 1991, p.31)

  • glenster

    The fool's gold rule: have the pot call the kettle "the pan calling the pot


    "Perhaps the dominant appeals of the pope during his American visit were to
    reject materialism and to share with the poor. A few hours after lecturing the
    United Nations on this matter, he told an audience of some 80,000 at New York's
    Yankee Stadium: 'We must find a simple way of living. For it is not right that
    the standard of living of the rich countries should seek to maintain itself by
    draining off a great part of the reserves of energy and raw materials that are
    meant to serve the whole of humanity.'

    "However, what effect do you suppose those words have when coming from a man
    clad in royal robes, who rides around in beautiful limousines and lives in con-
    siderable luxury? Bishop Mariano Gaviola, secretary-general of the 1970 Bishops
    Conference of the Philippines, gave some idea as he noted: 'When the bishops
    [and we can add, the pope] condemn graft and corruption in the government or
    speak against the misuse of wealth, some people wonder whether it is not a case
    of the pan calling the pot black.'

    "But will the Church follow this proposal? Will it practice sharing its wealth
    with the poor, as the pope advised the rich nations to do? It has not been in-
    clined to do this in the past; whether it yet will do so remains to be seen.

    "However, the really important question is not: Will the Church practice what
    the pope preached? Rather, it is: Will it practice what the Bible teaches?
    ("The Watchtower," Jan.1, 1980, pp.6,7, "Will the Church Practice What the Pope

    Oral robbers

    "Sexual Conduct… concerning the marriage bed, individuals can, however, be
    advised that in their intimate relations, as in all other aspects of Christian
    life, they need to… have a hatred for all perverted practices including homo-
    sexuality, bestiality, oral sex and the like (Lev. 18:22,23; Ps. 97:10; Amos 5:
    15; Rom. 12:9; Eph. 5:3,10-12; Col. 3:5,6) Persons should be urged to act in
    such a way as to leave them with a clean conscience, and the marriage bed unde-
    filed. (Heb. 13:4)" ("Kingdom Ministry School Textbook," 1981, p.151)

    "A university degree may or may not improve your employment prospects. But one
    fact is indisputable: "The time left is reduced"! (1 Corinthians 7:29) For all
    its presumed benefits, would four years or more in a university be the best use
    of that remaining time?—Ephesians 5:16." ("Awake!" May 8, 1989, pp.13-14, "What
    Career Should I Choose?) More from the same article is at the next link.

    Satanic sand the floor, wax on--wax off, paint the fence

    "It is not in harmony with the spirit of 1 Corinthians 13 : 4-7 or Isaiah 2:4
    for a Christian to learn karate, judo, or other martial arts. A brother would
    be disqualified as an elder, a ministerial servant, or a pioneer if he took up
    the study of such martial arts and practiced them. A person publicly advocating
    such could be dealt with in line with 2 Thessalonians 3:13-15. As in the case
    of a person who takes up professional boxing and continues in such a course, he
    would be expelled from the congregation. ("The Watchtower," July 1, 1981, pp.30,

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    "Franz was a very humble brother but also a very intelligent Rhodes scholar"

    Just a couple of typos is all. He means...

    "Franz was a very bumble brother but also a very idiotic Roads scholar"

  • 144001

    Rhodes scholar? Not quite. He was a college dropout. But since he went to college for two years, "close enough" under Watchtower standards of veracity!

  • cantleave

    Was this like a Finish Sauna - I mean were these guys sitting there nekked?

  • kurtbethel

    Was this like a Finish Sauna - I mean were these guys sitting there nekked?

    Evidently, the euphamism for this activity is "theocratic wrestling".

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    cantleave:"Was this like a Finish Sauna - I mean were these guys sitting there nekked?"

    Of course not! Here's a photo of Freddie in the sauna, taken by one of his "study buddies":


    Even in the sauna, he needed a shirt with a pocket to carry his pens. And he needed the tie to cover the missing buttons.

    Of course, what you can't see in this picture is that he is stark naked from the waist down.

  • Perry

    Fred Franz was a consumate liar. He knew that he was not a Rhodes Scholar or ANY kind of scholar at all.... being a typtical college drop-out. Yet, he did nothing to dispell these persistent rumors.

    See "Fred Franz" on my website here:

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