How much will Watchtower publish online?

by jonathanconway 22 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • jonathanconway
    to which the JW told him that he could download the WTs from the web, including the study edition!! First time I've heard this.

    Nope, that's not the case. (But maybe this JW was too brainwashed to know!)

    You can download a few "selected" articles, which of course, have been pre-approved for public distribution.

    But you're not going to gain access to the entire collection of "helpful teachings", because apparently, there are aspects of "the truth" that ought to be hidden until later in the indoctrination process.

  • teel

    Well, you can find 6 month issues of all three magazines in audio format here: I think this is what he was referring to, to my knowledge it's the only official online version of the study magazine.

  • jonathanconway

    Bit strange that it's only in audio format, no text.

    Definitely better than nothing.

    I wonder if they'd ever publish the 'Our Kingdom Ministry' or meeting schedules online.

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