How much will Watchtower publish online?

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Put it all online?

    I need one of OUTLAW's rotflmho smilie's

    First, they would have to have a hundred people making sure what is available is the "present" truth as opposed to the "old" truth. They shut the Quotes site down just for having their old quotes online for everyone to see and thought it made them look silly.

    Second, online info means no control of how people learn their special brand of ever-changing truth. The WTS depends on a face-to-face indocrination process where prospective recruits are slowly fed a progressive diet of "truths" If people read it on line they will see the flaws and have no reason to contact JWs to study with them.

    It always comes back to control - control the info, control the recruits


    Lady Lee..

    You can borrow my JWN Dog,to take care of the WBT$ Snowman!..



  • Heaven

    How much will Watchtower publish online?

    That depends. Do they have a computer?

  • heathen

    It would save them alot of money , they are always looking for ways to cut spending such as the move to not use the post office and mail the publications but instead they use a tractor trailer to move their publications throughout the country . The problem is that in third world countries people would not have web access so works better to print up material and send it where it needs to go . Of course the control issue is always there but it is their material and they have the right to do what they want with copy writ .

  • alanv

    heathen, as in any business you provide what is necessary. In much of the world there simply is no need to use paper printing. The literature could still be produced where necessary but you would need a lot less of it especially ongoing as more and more people get hooked up to the net. It doesn't take a genius to work out without face to face discussions the money is going to dry up.

  • quietlyleaving

    the worldwide fund could be used to buy computers for poorer countries and where there is no internet access and then curent info could be sent in CD form.

    Bethels could stll serve as pilgrimage shrines.

  • jonathanconway
    The cost of publishing the publications on dead trees, then shipping them around the world versus what they take in via donations...Hmm...

    I think the reason they're struggling to embrace the Internet is their basic nature: they're basically a publishing company. All their research and writing is done centrally by a small group, then physical copies are printed and sold.

    It's not getting any easier to make people pay for books/magazines, but people do seem more willing to pay for something physical than, say, the privilege to read something online.

    They've already taken a risk by putting their publications on CD, but to put them online would make it virtually impossible to charge or restrict access to anyone.

    The news/media companies have also had it tough. But they're huge conglomerates, and they've had to find a solution fast. Thus, the "physical" newspaper industry has pretty much died out, and most newspapers are now online, and money is made off advertising.

    But it's not so easy for Watchtower. Remember, they're supposed to be a "religion", not a company. So how would they justify publishing all their content along with advertising? Their own publications are highly critical of mainstream advertising and media.

    So what can they do but ignore the Internet? (Or try!)

    I like to raise this issue, because I want people to contemplate why Watchtower would refuse to use the most powerful communication technology in history.

    The problem is that in third world countries people would not have web access so works better to print up material and send it where it needs to go

    The number of Internet users in the 3rd world is growing faster than ever, especially in India. Overall, Internet growth follows the same exponential curve seen in most technology.

    Mobile phones are used a lot in Africa, and more and more of these phones have access to the Internet.

    Long-term, the Internet is the ideal way to get information to large numbers of people worldwide.

    The "problem", of course, is that the Internet is a democratic, peer-to-peer system - not the familiar broadcast media that Watchtower have grown comfortable with.

    Companies like Facebook exploit this, but for an organization like Watchtower, it works against them.

  • teel

    A bit of a sidetrack, but since I work in the software industry, I have always wondered why do the WTS send out every year a new copy of the CD with 99% of the same information instead of having at least the option to update online. It's highly inefficient, and expensive in comparison. The arguments used for physical vs. online media does not really apply here, because we would be talking about small incremental updates of the same information.

    Yet the argument about money still applies: the CD is seen as very valuable, people pay donate way more for it then the producing costs. The software was only implemented once, and that itself was not a hard work - I would estimate about 100 man days, plus 100 more for testing and debug, which comes out as very cheap software. In addition, I think it wouldn't be too far fetched to think that it was all done in volunteer work. Now, incremental yearly updates cost the WTS in matter of pennies, since obviously the articles are produced in digital form. So the cost all comes down to little more than pressing a CD, which costs what? a couple of cents now?

  • jonathanconway

    I agree, teel.

    The CDs must definitely be a cash cow for them.

    Of course, if they had an online update, they'd have to worry about securing it, as this is not information they want the public to access.

    I'm considering the legal implications of putting the entire contents of the CD online. Wouldn't it be awesome to publish every little secret for the public to view and comment on?

    I'm sure it would break copyright law though, so it's not going to be easy.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Here's something odd, I feel I ought share... Last night JWs called (not on me, but rather not say who) and *he* told them *he* doesn't like JWs because of <quote> ''the Org, the way they treat people, the blood thing, the silly dates, the Riley Trust and smoking, the use of the web, and the secret editions of the WT...and if he wanted to sell me stuff I'll have the secret one please'' which the JW told him that he could download the WTs from the web, including the study edition!! First time I've heard this. *He's* asked them to return to 'discuss things', but I suspect they won't. Odd.

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