can they df me again?

by Cordelia 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • quietlyleaving

    you are a good person Cordelia always remember that

    Here is a tip.

    I understand that circuit overseers have been given "new" guidance on how to treat active and nonactive jws in this grey no mans land that you may be occupying. Your family may not be aware and may never be made aware unless somebody tells them. Unfortunately I don't know exactly what this new guidance is but it may take the form of a work in progress.

    Either you or a friend could ring the CO and see what he can do for you.

    Imo you need to ask for space in which you also have the support of your JW family and at the same time not have to offer any explanations or answer any questions

  • WTWizard

    If you don't show up, that will waste their time at the meeting. Never commit to a time--no matter what time they suggest, find or make an excuse to blow it off--and, if they pin down a time, don't show up. I would threaten to sue if they do hold a meeting after you told them it was a bad time--and prepare to make good on that threat (and bring as much publicity as possible on the practice of using these meetings to disrupt people's lives).

  • blondie

    Well, if the elders feel they have enough "proof" they don't need to meet with the individual. They can still df them. Many BOEs send a letter certified 3 times, no response, they df.

    Otherwise you can "repent" and show "true remorse" and may only be reproved.

    Of course, if staying in touch with your family is your desire, threatening to sue the elders may interfere with that.

  • Cordelia

    thanks guys esp scully it was nice what you put,

    i have had another prob today the brother who it happened with is in my old hall (the one i got dfed from 4 years ago) my record cards are at another one thank god! but he has rung me and one elder (my dad said it should of been 2) went round on sundaY and has told him to come to a kmeeting atthe hall on weds (he isnt going to go said he may change it to friday) he is older than me and doesnt seem to care if he is dfed, but my elders still havent been in contact..

    if they deal with him does that mean my elders have to come and see me? and yes i do live in an area where they are round all the time but im just planning on never answering the door etc...

    something else puzzled me what u guys have said that if we are sorry they dont df you, but i know from my experience and others i know the 3 men decide if u are sorry or not and it doesnt matter what we say....

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