have you ever lost something and thought...................................

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  • badboy

    Perhaps my carer has taken he tv remote by mistake.

    I telephone anoher of my carers,and she suggested that ir was eiher behind the couch or in the mid part where i found it.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    No, but then I don't have a carer so I wouldn't think that he/she had taken it.

    I hope your remote turns up.

  • bluecanary

    Its teh dem0nz!!11!1!!

    Did you look in the fridge? Sometimes the demons take your remote, then get hungry and forget they set it in the dairy tray.

  • badboy

    it has turned up

  • bluecanary

    Sometimes the demons put it back just to mess with your head.

  • Finally-Free

    True story.

    I once lost a beer. My last beer. It was a hot day, and I was tired and very thirsty. It was a Sunday night and the beer stores were closed, so I couldn't buy more. I had just opened it when my phone rang upstairs. I didn't even get a sip out of it. I put the beer down on my desk, ran upstairs to get the handset, and came back down with it. I sat down at my desk and my beer was gone. I became obsessed with my missing beer and searched high and low for it. No one could have taken it because I live alone. I checked all my empty bottles but it wasn't among them. I would have recognized it, as it was a brand I was trying for the first time.

    I eventually found it, two years later. It was in my garage on my workbench beside my grinder. Damned if I know how it got there, as access to my workbench was nearly impossible because I had furniture stacked up in front of it. (I was in a temporary living arrangement that lasted longer than expected, and I was storing my furniture in the garage).

    Needless to say, most of the beer had evaporated, and the little bit left wasn't worth drinking.


  • mrsjones5

    One of our cable remotes was lost for a couple of months. Joshua hid it in the garage...on purpose.

  • ninja

    my television channel changer has disappeared too

    I'll get it back soon though.....she's at the assembly with the kids

  • lisavegas420
    Needless to say, most of the beer had evaporated, and the little bit left wasn't worth drinking.

    Does that mean you tasted it?

    My son used to take the remote to school in his back pack. He didn't want anyone changing the channels while he was gone.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    I keep 'losing' things at work.

    I hate having to work with thieves and liars

    end of rant, iz all good nao

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