Restraining myself from saying "I told you so"

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  • mrsjones5

    Some of you may recall my mentioning neighbors who had packed up their young family and moved from California to Tennesee basicly on a whim. My husband and I thought they were crazy. They sold most of what they could sell, bailed on paying the rent, and broke their lease. Two adults and four kids (two just babies) in a packed out van with bad tires and a on it's last legs A/C. I tried to tell these folks that this was a bad plan, they wouldn't have any place to stay really upon getting to Tenn. just a vague idea of where an apartment could be, they were leaving at the worst time of year to across the high desert just to land in a hot and humid climate (July - hot and humid and throw some thundar and lightening storms on top of that) and on top of that no job lined up.

    They left on a Saturday and we got an email from them a week later saying that they had made it to LA. The husband's mother lives down there and I was hoping that that was as far as they would go but no such luck. About two weeks after we got another email saying they had made it to Tenn and would keep in touch, I was still crossing my fingers. So much to our unsurprise we get another email about 2 weeks ago saying that they were back. The wife (who started this madness and I fault the husband too cuz he should have stood up to his wife told her that she was full of crap) was sick the whole time they were back there (three weeks) and didn't like the weather. They were staying with family but today they get kicked out and will be reduced to living in that van.

    The wife called me yesterday and asked if her two oldest girls could spend the night (I'm thinking they might be here the whole weekend) and I said OK, I just couldn't turn them down.

    What a freakin' mess!



    I`ll be surprised if you don`t get to keep them for longer than the weekend..


  • mrsjones5

    I hope not. The property manager is a really nice lady and would take pity on them and give them back their apartment if they groveled enough...the apartment is still empty.

    The kids aren't in school. My kids started on the 25th of August.


    They bailed on the rent with the Landlord..LOL!!

    They`re going to have to do a lot of groveling to pull that one off..LOL!!

    Your right what a mess..


  • Gregor

    Keep restraining, Jonesy. The first couple of years we were married we made a couple of stupid, impulsive moves but we are forever grateful for those who helped us recover without a lot of humiliation. You didn't mention the age of these folks when this started but I'll guarantee they are ten yrs older now.

  • mrsjones5

    I think you're right about the ten years older part. The wife sounded oh so tired when I talked to her yesterday. I don't know how her husband is doing. They're both in their mid 20's.

  • megs

    That's very kind of you to let the kids stay with you!

  • ninja

    next time send them north with an igloo construction manual.........

  • cameo-d

    Don't forget the Aesop story about the man who found the wounded snake on the road. He felt sorry for him, so he took the snake home and set him by the warm fireplace and gave him food and antibiotics. Patched up his wounds, etc., etc.

    But when the snake got better, he bit the man.

    Jonesy, just to let you know....some people come to expect more than what you are willing to give. And when they don't get everything they want they will bite you.

    Not to mention, this could really put you in a bad light with the landlord for aiding and abetting wrongdoers.

    If a guest gives your address as their address and they are staying with may end up having a legal issue to get them to leave.

  • mrsjones5

    So noted Cameo. No way would I let them all stay with me. The wife is vasely immature and her husband doesn't have a spine to say no to her whims (she beat any kind of backbone out of him long ago (defines the meaning of "nag") or maybe her stuff is just that good ). Anywhoo, I don't know what they're gonna do but I'm especially worried about the school age kids they have not being in school. At least in school they would have a little bit of stability and normalcy.

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